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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Getting Gifty with Sephora | Holiday 2015

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It's December 1st am I'm feeling the Christmas crunch. I feel like I've still got a ton of holiday content to get out but not a ton of time left. Gahh! I'll get it all in if it kills me, although I'd rather it not come to that, for obvious reasons. Today's helping of holiday giftables come from Sephora, specifically their house brand Spehora Collection, who has been killing it this year. They have some seriously adorable and splittable gift options. Let's not waste anymore time though and get to them. Let's go!

One of the splittable options happens to come pre-boxed up and ready to gift or stuff (stocking style, that is.) The Gift-a-Gloss Lip Gloss Sampler is home to eight individually packaged glosses done up all pie-like in one larger box should you want them all for yourself (or a friend.) Each gloss is a different shade with a variety of creams, shimmers, and one that looks to be straight up fairy-glitter.

Getting to our first adorable option with the Cat Nap Eye Mask. The super cute sleeping kitty mask is not only clad in animal print, but rose gold animal print. It's also made out of the softest faux-suede on the front and solid black cotton on the reverse. The mask fits pretty well on the face and blocks out light completely making this perfect for your favourite nap enthusiast.

Back to splittable-town with the Make You Blush Colourful Cheek Ink Gel Trio. This cute set- in a candy shaped box- contains three gel based cheek stains. The shades include Lotus (red), Peony (pink) and Dahlia (raisin/plum) that don't seem to intense when you first squeeze them out of the tube, but pack a pretty powerful punch. The gel transforms into a long-lasting stain for a gorgeous flush.

Sephora Holiday 2015 Colour Around the World Face & Eye Palette Set (2)

Sephora Holiday 2015 Colour Around the World Face & Eye Palette Set (4)

Sephora Holiday 2015 Colour Around the World Face & Eye Palette Set New York

While this next option is also great for splitting and gifting, you're probably not going to want to give it/them up. The Colour Around the World Face & Eye Palette Set combine four palettes with each containing four shadows and a blush/bronzer inspired by a world city (Paris, New York, Rome, and Rio.) Each palette has a cute illustration on the cover (including a bit of holo) and a half size mirror and instructions within. The shadows and blushes are of pretty good quality with decent pigmentation. Some of the matte shades need to be built up but the shimmers and satins are pretty great and apply well. Over a primer you can create a great look. I'm loving the Hot Mocha shade (second swatch) in the New York Palette.

Last up, the uber gorgeous Be Spotted Travel Bags. Available in three sizes- Escapader (small), Voyager (medium), and The Universalist (large train case)- these cream coloured vegan-leather bags are clad in rose gold animal print. Oh, yeah. The interior is a blush shade that makes it easy to see bits rolling around and compliments the outer perfectly. The zipper and pulls also bring rose gold and are well made and durable feeling.

I love that the small details weren't overlooked- the Escapader has an inner piece to stop anything from falling out, while the Voyager has a metal frame to ensure it keeps it's shape, and the Universalist has elastic around the interior to hold palettes and flat items securely in place. The top portion also has elastics sewn in to keep brushes and other items from bashing around. Plus, when empty, the smaller bags fit into the largest for easy storing.

Overall, it's clear that Sephora does the holidays well. There is quite literally something for everyone on your list (especially if they happen to love rose gold...) and at any budget. What do you think, anything here you'd love to gift or get? 

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