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Friday, February 19, 2016

Neutral Blues | Born Pretty Store Matte Glitter Nail Art

Born Pretty Store Matte Glitter Powder nail art (2)::: press sample :::

As much as I enjoy nail art, it's just not something I do all that often. It can be time consuming and my nails chip easily, so it's no fun to spend a ton of time on something that is only going to last two days (at best.) That said, I will make time for nail art if it's easy and on the quicker side. That is exactly what I have today- easy and quick. All you need is a polish and a pot of Born Pretty Store matte glitter powder. Interested? You know what to do...

Born Pretty Store matte glitter is kind of like flocking powder in appearance, but is in fact a matte glitter. They currently have a few shade choices, but I have a medium, denim blue. The shade instantly said 'pair me with a nude!' so I did. And yes, my nail art supplies talk to me. Yours don't?

The process of applying the matte glitter is insanely easy. So much so, I feel like a sham calling this nail art. Anyway, with a layer of base coat on the nail, you just dust a bit of matte glitter over it. I used a little, flat concealer brush to pick up glitter and to gently press it on the nail. The glitter gives an opaque coverage, so you don't need a base shade. I added the glitter to two nails, with Formula X Latte Run on the remaining fingers. If you're wondering if you could add top coat to this, no. No you can't. I tried, just to see, and ended up with a soggy looking mess.

Overall, the matte glitter is interesting. It's easy enough to apply, but it won't be the longest lasting. It's a little bit thick on the nail, but not obtrusive. The look is interesting though, but likely not for everyone (much like the short lived flocking trend.)What do you think? Would you try this?

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