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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

OPI New Orleans Collection | Spring/Summer 2016

OPI New Orleans collection spring summer 2016
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As I'm sure most of you know, seasons in the beauty world move faster than they do in the everyday world. While I'm currently looking at a blustery, cold (very cold) winter's day, OPI is already thinking Spring/Summer. I'm reading to trade in my mittens for some fun hues, you? Read on for a look at the OPI New Orleans Collection for Spring/Summer 2016.

OPI New Orleans  Take a Right on Bourbon

Take a Right on Bourbon is... not so great. It's a frosty, metallic champagne meets silver. The shade is okay, it's just the finish. It's brush stroke laden, but does apply easily enough with to coats.

OPI New Orleans Let Me Bayou a Drink

Let Me Bayou a Drink is a soft pink with a whitened, iridescent shimmer. The shimmer is a nice surprise as I didn't notice it in the bottle. It's pretty sheer on the first coat, but build nicely on the second. Two coats.

OPI New Orleans Humidi-Tea

Humid-Tea is a peachy, sand shade with iridescent shimmer. Brush strokes are just slightly visible (less so in person than photographs) and the formula is a bit thin and sheer. Three coats.

OPI New Orleans Suzi Nails New Orleans

Suzi Nails New Orleans is a bubblegum-y pink cream. It's not overly bright, and easier to wear than super cool pinks. The formula applied a bit patchy on the first coat, but evened out on the second. Two coats.

OPI New Orleans Got Myself Into a Jam-balaya

Got Myself Into a Jam-balaya is n pink-y peach cream. As you'll see, peach fans have two pretty options in this collection. This one however, applied really easily with two coats. 

OPI New Orleans Crawfishin for a Compliment

Crawfishin' for a Compliment is the second peachy cream. It's more yellow based, with a more orange base. The formula is just as easy going too. Two coats.

OPI New Orleans She's a Bad Muffuletta!

She's a Bad Muffulettea! is a vivid pink based red. This is a tough shade to describe, as it does look different based on the light. In some cases it looks much more red, but does in fact have a coral-pink thing going on as well. This shade also happens to have an incredible formula- smooth and easy, and one coat!

OPI New Orleans Spare me a French Quarter

Spare Me a French Quarter is a raspberry cream. Is raspberry red or pink? Regardless, raspberry sums this shade up pretty well. Another nicely pigmented and easy going formula. Two coats.

OPI New Orleans I Manicure for Beads

I Manicure for Beads is a clean, medium depth purple cream. While this shade isn't the most unique, it's really lovely on the nail and applies with ease. Two coats.

OPI New Orleans I'm Sooo Swamped

I'm Sooo Swamped is a grassy green cream. I love this shade! The green is vivid, but grounded and not too bright. It's fresh and quite spring-y. Another easy formula, although the first coat was on the streaky side. You guessed it, two coats.

OPI New Orleans Rich Girls & Po Boys

Rich Girls & Po Boys is a vivid blue cream. It's a stunner! I have quite a few blue shades, but I don't think I can dupe this. The shade is a bit deeper in person than it photographs, but it's still a bold blue. The formula is super pigmented and so close to being a one coat. Two coats.

OPI New Orleans Show Us Your Tips

Show Us Your Tips is a periwinkle blue filled with glassy, shimmer that glows from within. It's amazing and you need it. It's a bit sheer, and needs three coats, but I say it's worth it.
OPI New Orleans swatches blog pin

Overall, I really like this collection! I can't say that it really says New Orleans to me, but I really like the shades. They most definitely say spring. While I love the majority of the cream shades, my must have of the collection are Show Us Your Tips, Rich Girls & Po Boys, I'm Sooo Swamped, Spare me a French Quarter and Let Me Bayou a Drink. What do you think? Any shades you need?

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