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Thursday, February 18, 2016

THEFACESHOP Character Masks

THEFACESHOP character mask set (3)::: press sample :::

I find skincare pretty enjoyable, but I know not everyone can agree with that. There is a way to add a bit of fun to the mix though. With a mask! Wait, yes, a mask, but not just a slap it on and wait mask, a mask that is is a mask- twofold. A mask that is both a sheet mask and an actual hide-yo-face mask. Could I use the word mask a few more times? Likely so, yes. Anyway, if masked masks sound interesting, or you still think I'm talking gibberish, read on and all will be revealed.

THEFACESHOP character mask set (1)THEFACESHOP character mask set (4)

THEFACESHOP character mask set (2)

Does it make a bit more sense now? THEFACESHOP Character Masks are both essence infused sheet masks, and cute animal masks. Do you really need an animal face on your sheet mask? No, not really. Is it fun? You bet. THEFACESHOP offers a few different animals, and even special edition Santa and Rudolph versions for the holidays, but the set I've been using includes a puppy, pig, and monkey. The masks all feature hyaluronic acid and collagen along with an extra something for each formula. The puppy features cotton for brightening, the pig has honey for moisturizing, and the monkey has apple for soothing.

As the year of the monkey is upon us, I used the monkey mask first. I don't quite know if it comes across as looking like a monkey, but I quite enjoyed the mask. The cut doesn't really fit my face, but I've found very few sheet masks do. Whose face did they use for the template? The sheet is packed with essence (or goo, let's be honest, it's pretty gooey) that absorbs into the skin as you wear the mask. I found my skin to feel very soft afterwards, plumped, and hydrated, but a touch sticky as well. I didn't really mind it, but it's worth noting. The monkey mask features apple, but there was no apple scent. Instead, a light, fresh scent that didn't last too long and was very mild.

Overall, I love these! I don't need an animal face on my mask, but I like it. Why not add a little fun to your skincare? What do you think, would you use these?

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