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Thursday, March 10, 2016

HIF Colour Support Cleansing Conditioner

HIF deciem hair is fabric colour support cleansing conditioner (1)::: press sample / affiliate links :::

This review has been a long time coming. Partly because my first experience with cleansing conditioner was terrible and partly because Deciem make incredible products and I didn't want to waste it on a lackluster hair colour. A contradictory statement, but a true one. On the chance I loved this, I didn't want o use it when my hair colour was already faded and dying. Since I've had a fresh new colour, it's been the perfect time to give the HIF Colour Support Cleansing Conditioner a try. Is it amazing? Read on to find out...

So, amazing or not? It definitly falls on the amazing side of the spectrum. Yay! A shampoo (kind of) that is fully safe for coloured hair and leaves it super silky. Good stuff! The HIF (Hair is Fabric) Colour Support Cleansing Conditioner is a cleansing conditioner that uses bio-yeast which is rich in nutrients to deep clean hair without the use of the harsh ingredients found in your average shampoo that kill your colour. I don't know about you, but there is little worse than seeing your hair colour wash down the drain. While cleansing, it also deep conditions hair to hydrate and strengthen, leaving it feeling incredible and looking like a million bucks.

If you've never used a cleansing conditioner, and are wondering about the process, it's as easy as shampooing. Just wet your hair, mush it in/on and leave it for three minutes. Then rinse. On my first use of this cleansing conditioner, I did use a bit of my normal colour safe shampoo to clean my roots, as I wash my hair as little as possible and wanted to ensure they were super clean. Since then, I have used just the cleansing conditioner, and found my hair is fully cleansed without the pre-shampoo and not weighed down. I have a decent amount of hair, but it is fine, so I worried the formula, while great for coloured hair, would weigh my hair down, but it doesn't. My hair is bouncy and clean, but with literally the softest feel it's ever had. My hair was easier to comb through when wet and much less tangle prone when dry, and overall, just a lot easier to deal with.

Overall, I'm very much a fan of this cleansing conditioner! I am pleased to report it's also available in a 1 L pump bottle should you fall in love with it too. I really like the idea of it coming in a pump as the paint tube style, while cute, is awkward when you're in the shower and have to fiddle with the little cap. I should also note that the conditioner has a very strong scent. It's a complex floral and spice type scent (I have no idea what the notes are) but it's very strong and does stick around fr days after washing. Those sensitive to fragrance might not enjoy it. Have you tried this or any of the other HIF varieties? Are you a cleansing conditioner fan?

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