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Friday, March 4, 2016

Lip Lust | Lise Watier Baiser Satin Liquid Lipsticks

Lip Lust with Lise Watier Satin Basier Liquid Lipstick::: press sample :::

Lip lovin' is a little feature that pops up around these parts from time to time, but today's products illicit more than love- they're downright lust-able. Lise Watier has recently added a new satin liquid lipstick to their family with the Lise Watier Baiser Satin Liquid Lipsticks. Following the success of the matte Baiser Velours, the Baiser Satin give all of the pigment of a matte shade, but with an even easier wearing formula. Read on for a closer look and maybe a few other covet-able Lise Watier lip products.

Lise Watier Basier Satin Liquid Lipstick First Kiss, Bombshell Kiss, and Fancy Kiss (5)

Lise Watier Basier Satin Liquid Lipstick First Kiss

Lise Watier Basier Satin Liquid Lipstick Bombshell Kiss

Lise Watier Basier Satin Liquid Lipstick Fancy Kiss

"Following the success of Baiser Velours, a brand new luxurious, satin finish dresses up your lips this winter to reveal an ultra-feminine, long-lasting result in all circumstances. Combining the gestual application of a gloss with the benefits of a traditional lipstick, this liquid lipstick instantly provides lips with a rich, intense colour, in just one single stoke."

Lise Watier Baiser Satin are a bit of everything as their formula boasts major pigmentation, an easy to apply liquid formula, with an equally easy wearing satin finish. The majority of liquid lipsticks are matte, but the Baiser Satins have, you guessed it, a satin finish that has a creamy feel, and just a hint of sheen. The finish is hydrating on lips and wears quite well- about 4-5 hours. The bolder shades leave a stain on lips which is great for increased wear time.

The liquid lipstick is, as mentioned, incredibly pigmented, and applies as easily as a gloss. The tear shaped does foot style applicator is perfect for application as it allows you to line your lips with the product then fill them in. The creamy formula glides easily on the lips and applies perfectly smooth with one pass.

Of the twelve shades currently available, I was sent First Kiss, a natural nude with just a hint of a taupe undertone, Bombshell Kiss, a vivid, strawberry pink, and Fancy Kiss, a raspberry-plum. Of course, my neutral pink loving self is completely smitten with First Kiss, but Fancy Kiss has also become a fast favourite.

Lise Watier Magnifix Lips Smoothing Primer

I promised a few extra lip bits, and I've got to say, they're pretty great. I don't think of lip primer as being an essential item or something I use all the time, but the Lise Watier Magnifix Lips is working on changing that. The balmy primer is applied before lip colour (obviously) and works to prime the lips by hydrating and smoothing the surface. The primer has a satin finish that works with a any lipstick, gloss, or liquid product without altering the finish. I love the finish it gives lips- baby soft and super smooth- and that the primer also works to make your lip colour last a bit longer.

Lise Watier Twist & Sharp Lip Liners Blush, Coraline, and Eclarate (1)

Much like primers, I don't tend to think of lip liners as essential, but I have been using them more frequently. The do come in handy when wearing a bold shade and you want a precise application. The Lise Watier Twist & Sharp Stylos offer exactly that as they're always sharp. The caps have sharpeners in them, meaning you re-sharpen the liner each time you re-cap. Very handy. The lip liner formula also happens to fare very well as it's smooth and creamy and doesn't dry lips out. The finish is more satin than fully matte which is lessens the chance of Sahara lips.

The range currently has five shade to match most lipstick shades. I've been using Blush a neutral pink, which goes really well with all of most used shades. Coraline is a peachy coral and Eclarate a cherry red.

Overall, you really can't miss with Lise Watier lip products. I am very much a fan of the Baiser Satin Liquid Lipsticks- I've been wearing First Kiss a lot- and the primer is pretty magical. Have you tried any of these products? Thoughts?

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