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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Maybelline Dream Velvet Soft-Matte Hydrating Foundation

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New drugstore foundation! I know some aren't keen on drugstore foundations, but I like trying them, You get the odd dud now and then, but that happens with higher priced formulas too. You win some you lose some. The newest drugstore foundation to pass over my desk (and face) is the Maybelline Dream Velvet Soft-Matte Hydrating Foundation. A matte finish that isn't drying? I'll be the judge of that...

"Maybelline's Dream Velvet Soft-Matte Hydrating Foundation is a refreshing gel-whipped foundation that leaves complexion perfected and smooth with a velvety, soft-matte finish while skin stays hydrated for 12 hours."

I like the idea of a semi-matte or soft-matte foundation, but my drier skin doesn't always co-operate. That's why the Dream Velvet sounded so appealing to me- a semi-matte finish with a hydrating formula. So, what you really want to know is, is it hydrating? Not really. I wouldn't say it adds any hydration, but it doesn't suck it out of your skin either. My usual priming routine features a lot of moisture- a mist, a serum, and them a moisturizer or oil. I used that same prep when using this foundation, and out of my two weeks testing it, only had one occurrence of dryness during wear. I happened when I was sick, so I don't even think I can solely blame the foundation. The finish is other wise as promised- a soft-matte with a natural look and feel. I don't have any issues with this foundation settling into pores and it melds well with skin- there is no mask like effect.

The foundation has an interesting texture that is kind of dreamy (how fitting.) It has a creamy, yet whipped feel. The creaminess seems to help prevent it from drying too quickly on skin, but you do need to work at a decent pace blending as it does set faster than your usual liquid. I'll talk application a bit more in just a second....

"Maybelline's Dream Blender Foundation Blending Sponge is a latex-free and re-usable beauty blending sponge with a built-in handle for effortless and mess-free application."

As for application, I mostly use the Dream Blender Foundation Blending Sponge that launched with the foundation release. The small- it's much smaller than you'd expect a foundation sponge to be- is attached to a weighty handle. I really like the idea of a sponge on a handle and would love one on my RT Complexion Sponge now (just putting that out there...) So, it's small, and it's really firm. You can't really pounce/bounce foundation on like you would any other sponge. I didn't really know what to think of it at first, and assumed it would suck, but I kind of like it- I keep reaching for it, so that is something. It does work really nicely for applying concealer, as the small shape gets in under the eyes nicely. While the Dream Blender works quite well with the Dream Velvet Foundation, you can get great application with flat top brushes and any other sponge.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the foundation. I do suggest getting a feel of the sponge prior to purchasing, as the firm texture won't suit all. That said, it does have it's charms if you take the time to find them. What do you think- are you a fan of matte foundation formulas? Tried this one? Thoughts?

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