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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Maybelline Master Contour Face Contouring Kit

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I don't contour much. Maybe three or four times in a month will I do the full routine, but for the most part it just doesn't happen. When it comes to contour, I get a bit lazy, a contouring blush shade never hurts either. That said, I still like the idea of contouring and will always be on the hunt for the best shade to do so (pale girls know what I mean.) I was very interested when these new Maybelline Master Contour Face Contouring Kits ht drugstores as they not only have everything you need in one place, but the shades looked pretty promising too. The verdict? You'll have to read on...

maybelline master contour face contouring kit (4)maybelline master contour face contouring kit (5)maybelline master contour face contouring kit (6)

The quick verdict? Not too shabby, not too shabby at all. You want more than that though, right? The Master Contour Face Contouring Kits come with everything you need for a contour session (save a mirror) and if we;re being honest, and we are, a brush. Yeah, the palettes come with a brush, but it's pretty puny and not the best for blending. Use your own brush.

The all black palettes have a nice viewing windo in the lid, so you can easily see what you're reaching for- a nice touch as most of us have a few too many palettes and they all start to look the same. Inside you get a matte bronzer, blush, and highlight shade. The products are each in their own pans and stamped with their number of use and name to make things super simple. If you need more assistance however, there is a handy illustration on the back of the with placement suggestions.

maybelline master contour face contouring kit 10 light to medium

Maybelline released two shade options with 10 for light to medium skin. I can never tell if a contour shade or bronzer is quite right for me until I swatch it or use it, so I was iffy about the shade until I actually played around. I am pleased to say, it's a pretty great shade for lighter skin! It's matte, with a pretty silky and soft texture and in a shade that doesn't run orange (at all!) The shade has a slight mauve undertone which makes it a great option for a wide range of lighter skin tones. I am easily able to use this shade and it blends on nicely.

The blush in the light to medium palette is a fairly standard medium pink with a satin finish. The highlight, is a soft, yellow-beige that gives a nice glow to skin without being frosty, shimmery, or over the top.

maybelline master contour face contouring kit 20 medium to deep

Medium to Deep skin gets, well, deeper shades (go figure.) The bronzer is deeper and a bit warmer than that in the lighter shade and also has a more pigmented formula. The blush is a stunning warm pink with a golden radiance that reminds me of a deeper version the Balm Hot Mama. The highlight is also warmer, and is a peachy-gold with a more intense glow than the lighter shade. While the textures in both palettes are quite good and easy to use, the medium to deep palette offers more pigmented formulas which means they will perform better on deeper skin tones.

Overall, I quite like these palettes! They take some of the guess work out of contouring as you've got your shades pr-selected for you and they work nicely together. I am very pleased with the lighter bronzer shade, as it really doe work well on lighter skin tones. Are you an avid contour-er (is that a word?)? What do you think- need these in your stash?

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