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Friday, March 18, 2016


THEFACESHOP Ink Lipquid  (2)::: press sample :::

Happy Friday! You made it through another week. Go you! Maybe, since you're so awesome (yeah, you are) you should celebrate with a bit of colour? I'm talking the super neat all-in-one lip colour from ThEFACESHOP. Their Ink Lipquids are pretty unique and unlike your average gloss, lipstick, or stain. Want to see more? Read on!

"This all-in-one lipstick, gloss and tint comes in 12 shades and provides hydration and hold for up to 12 hours! The specially shaped applicator helps both define lip contours and fill in the lips. Using the chisel tip, you can define and colour your lips with great precision." - THEFACESHOP

THEFACESHOP Ink Lipquid is, as I mentioned, an all-in-one lip colour that combines a lipstick, gloss, and stain in one liquid formula. Housed in slim, test tube like packages, the product isn't easily viewed before use, so you really don't know what you're working with. The caps do have a useful button showing the shade and name though. When opened, there is a slim, spongey applicator with a tapered shape and a slight curve. The curve mimics the shape of your lip nicely while the tapered shape allows you to easily line lips with colour then fill them in. Application is a breeze, and really, more liquid lip things should have applicators like this.

The product itself, is a slightly creamy feeling liquid that applies with a wet feel. The texture varies a bit between the lighter and bolder shades, but each shade starts off with a glossy finish that wears through to more of a stain, lipstick type look and feel. After a couple of hours, as the colour wears, you're left with a gorgeous stain. The stain is incredibly long-lasting and makes touch ups pretty much unnecessary.

Of the twelve shade available, I've tested Pink Shah (candy pink), Coral Shu (peach), Orange Some (vivid orange), and Red Sing (bold red). All of the shades are quite pigmented, but you do need to layer the lightest shades to get more of a pop. They all leave a nice stain on lips and are so easy to wear- they're not drying at all, and should you need or want to, can apply blam over the stain without making a mess of it.

Overall, I really love this formula! I love that it has a bit of shine and the look of a lipstick, but transforms to a stain- I am terrible at remembering touch-ups. What do you think? Do you like the idea of an all-in-one lip colour? Tried these?

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