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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Zoya Whispers Transitional Collection 2016 | April, Lake & Eastyn

zoya whispers transitional 2016 (5)
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Happy snow day! What, it's not a snow day for you? Spring has indeed left my part of the world and it's back to snow and ice for the time being. Fun! No. Not even a little bit, but I will hold on to a shred of spring with the pretty hues that make up the Zoya Whispers Collection. Well, part of it. I opted to only bring home April, Lake, and Eastyn, but in my opinion, they're the best of the batch. Want a closer look? Read on! 

zoya whispers transitional 2016 (1)

zoya whispers transitional 2016 April

April is a soft pink, blush type shade with a cream finish. The touch of nude makes this pink super wearable for a wide range of skin tones and is really just super pretty. The formula is amazing, especially for a whitened, pale shade, and it applies in two easy coats.

zoya whispers transitional 2016 Lake

Lake is a soft blue with a slight dusty quality that gives it a bit of a muted effect, but still has a bit of vibrancy. I have a lot of blue polish, but none quite like this. The formula is easy going and applies really easily. Two coats.

zoya whispers transitional 2016 Eastyn

Eastyn is what Zoya calls a 'subtle greyed grape'. I can't think of any way to describe it better. It's the perfect greyed type of shade that is both muted and demure but interesting. Again, an easy formula. Two coats.

zoya whispers collage

Overall, I love these polishes! The shades really are a nice transition from winter hues and their neutrality means you can easily wear them anytime and anywhere. What do you think? Did you pick up any shades from this collection?

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