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Friday, April 8, 2016

This, That & Other Stuff vol. 9 | Spring at Sephora Edition

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Happy Friday! Who else is glad to see this week end? I know I am. Before I can get to my weekend there is one last post that needs to be published- this one, clearly. Today it's all about a kind of random assortment of goodies from the mother ship (aka Sephora.) There are some new bits at a store near you, just in time for spring and I've got some good ones. Want to know more? Read on!

sephora collection lipstick jungle compact mirror

For Spring, the Sephora Collection (Sephora's house brand) has launched a Lipstick Jungle Collection. It's small, but features makeup bags, brushes, and this little mirror, all in a lavender and neon orange tribal print. The mirror is fun to pop in your purse and features regular and 10x magnification.

Who loves cute brushes? I do! The Sephora Collection "I'm Not Perfect but My Eyeliner is" Brush Capsule is home to a set of five travel sized eye brushes that all live in a travel friendly tin. The tin features the "I'm not perfect..." saying and is available in black, pink, purple, and green. The brushes match the can colour and feature glitter pieces suspended in the clear handles. The brushes have a pretty good quality and include a n angled shadow, cream shadow, smudge, angled liner, and small shadow brush.

Did you know that the Sephora Collection has a range of single shadows? They do, and the selection is pretty impressive! The range is home to just about every shade one could want. The singles come in little compacts that can easily popped out with a key that is included when you purchase the matching empty palettes. You can create your own perfect palette with all your favourite shades. I received the shade Endless Night, a matte black filled with green glitter. The shade is quite pigmented when used dry, but the glitter pops best when applied using a damp brush. The shade is the perfect addition to a smokey look.

Should you need a base for that afore mentioned smokey eye, the Kat Von D Lock-It Colour Correcting Eyeshadow Primer is a pretty good option. The primer comes in twist-up pencil format (with sharpener in the end) and a colour correcting formula to give your lids a perfected look. I have the shade Fair, which is pretty much the exact shade of my arm (meaning it's hella pale.) The formula is quite firm, but blends easily enough on lids to even out skin tone, boost shadow, and hold it in place all day. Well, I did find my shadow starting to crease a little bit by the end of the day, so it's not as long-wearing all other formulas I've used, but it does hold shadow in place pretty well.

formula x clix! the match fair light(2)formula x clix! the match fair light(3)

What's a Sephora post with a Formula X mention? The brand has introduced cute mini sets that combine four polishes in shades suited for your skin tone. Each set has varying shades of pink, nude, grey and blue with little bottles that all click together into the caps.

The Fair/Light set contains Intensity (pink cream, 2 coats), Invincible (nude, 2 coats), Extrodinary (grey, 2 coats), and Provocative (blue, 1 coat!) Each shade has that easy Formula X formula we've come to know and love.

sephora collection breakups to makeup bag

If you're like me, you really don't need another makeup bag, but when they're as cute as the Sephora Collection Breakups to Makeup bags, you just can't resist. The lineup has two new designs, with one being the "Please, I can't even commit to a lipstick" bag shown above, and a "I may not be perfect, but my makeup is" option. Both are totally worthy of toting around your makeup and feature the heart and lipstick print on the interior.

Inspired to shop? There are some great bits out for spring. I'm especially fond of the makeup bag (even if I have a sizable collection already...) See anything you just have to have?

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