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Thursday, May 19, 2016

ABBA Hair | Colour Protection Shampoo & Conditioner and Volumizing Root Spray

ABBA hair (1)
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For me, the Fall was the season of brow products, and my Spring is turning out to be all about hair. I've been a haircare testing machine as of late, but I really don't mind. Mainly, because there are so many great colour safe shampoos on the market now. I never used to bother much with colour safe products, even though I haven't seen my natural colour in at least ten years, but my 'novelty' hues are semi-permanent and much more prone to fading. They need more care. The hair professional at ABBA offer a wide range of products for all hair types, with one specially for coloured tresses that need extra babying.

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I've been using the ABBA Colour Protect Shampoo and Conditioner, well, in reverse as I am a fan of reverse washing. They do work very nicely as reverse wash products, fyi. The shampoo is completely sulphate free and paraben free (coditoner is paraben free as well) making it safe for coloured hair. Both the shampoo and conditioner are 100% vegan, use plant derived botanicals, and are free of synthetic color additives. They also feature a formula that uses coconut (to add moisture and nourish hair), sage (to help preserve colour and add shine), and ABBA's ProQuinoa Complex. The complex is a combination quinoa, barley, and soy that work to strengthen and repair hair while improving manageability. If you're concerned about gluten, fear not! Their specific hdyrolyzation process separates the proteins to create a gluten free product.

I've used a lot of sulphate free shampoos, and have to say, this has become on of my favourites. It spreads on hair easily, does that sound odd or what? Some SLS free shampoos don't distribute well through hair very well and you end up needing a lot more to get the job done. I don't have this issue at all. The conditioner is fairly light feeling, but hydrates my drier hair pretty well. It de-tangles nicely and leaves hair feeling smoother. Both products have a clean, light fresh scent and rinse easily and quickly. I wash in cold water, so I don't get on well with formulas that take forever to rinse out. 

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If you know me, then you know I always appreciate added volume. The bigger the hair, the better. To acheive that, I've been reaching for the ABBA Volumizing Root Spray. The spray is powered with avocado and pro-vitamin B to plump and thicken hair at the root for maximum fullness and body. The spray features the same ProQuinoa Complex as the shampoo and conditioner to strengthen hair in addition to volumizing.

I have really enjoyed that this gives my hair a fuller look and feel, but do find I have to restrain myself when using it. I like to go full on with root sprays, but as this has oils (avocado oil, lemongrass oil, and castor oil) I don't go crazy with it. I wash my hair as little as possible to keep my colour vivid, so I don't like to add oils to the root.

Overall, I'm a total fan of ABBA haircare products! For my Canadian readers, you can find ABBA at Trade Secrets (who kindly provided these products for review.) They've also got a great promotion on right now that gets you a free Redken Volumize Guts 10 (reg. $22.95) free with any $55 or more purchase. Have you tried these or any other ABBA products? Do you look for anything specific in your haircare?

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