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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Mark Wind Swept | Body Wash & Hand Cream

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A Saturday post? You bet. I've got all kinds of great stuff get to, and a few days to get caught up with (when I was internet-less) so Saturdays are officially work days for the next... while. Today we're chatting up a fresh new scent from out friends at Mark with Wind Swept. If you're looking for a little something new for your bath and body routine, read on!

mark wind swept (1)

Mark Wind Swept is a fresh, clean mix of sparkling grapefruit, orchid essence, and cedarwood. The scent is really uplifting and does work well with it's name- it's like a cool, crisp breeze. The grapefruit gives it a burst of freshness, with a hint of sweetness from the orchid and warmth from the cefarwood.

The collection contains a body spray, body butter, shower gel and hand cream, the latter two the products I've been using. The shower gel gives a nice does of the Wind swept scent with great lather and a nicely clean, but not stripped feel on shin. The hand cream absorbs pretty well and is really hydrating, but does leave a bit of a film on hands immediately after applying. It needs a bit before fully sinking into skin,

Overall, this is a really great scent from Mark. I'd say it's one of my top picks (Naked Love is still my fave though!) What do you think? Is this a scent you'd love?

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