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Monday, May 2, 2016

Night & Day Neutrals with Sleek i-Divine Eyeshadow Palettes

sleek i-divine mineral eyeshadow palette (3)
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Question of the day: What's your most used eyeshadow palette? Min is the Sleek Oh So Special i-Divine palette. I refer to it mas my wholiest palette as it's riddled with wholes from hitting pan, and a play on words because I do love it so. That said, you can see why I was very happy to find out there are two new i-Divine palettes in the range. The new palettes offer up neutrals perfect for (you guessed it) night and day. Read on for what you really want, swatches!

If the Sleek i-Divine Mineral Based Eyeshadow Palettes aren't a part of your stash yet, we'll talk basics before we get to the new additions. The palettes are home to twelve shadows, with most palettes having a range of shimmers, stains, mattes, and occasionally the odd glitter shadow too. The palettes are fairly slim, with the classic black-on-black Sleek logo on the lid. The palettes are very sturdy and close really securely, making them great options for travel and day-to-day use.

sleek i-divine a brand new day eyeshadow palette

Of the two new palettes, A New Day "boasts everything you need for flawless daytime eyes. Think laid back weekends and everyday office chic" with "an array of back-to-basic soft nudes, subtle golds and warm peach shades." I really couldn't have said it better than Sleek.

The shades are perfect for day, as they range from subtle shimmers and mattes, to more medium depth tones. I found the individual shadow quality to be a bit all over the place, but generally pretty nice. A few of the mattes were a bit stiff feeling and needed to be layered when swatched, but apply easier on the lid. Other mattes were silky, and impeccably pigmented. The shimmers and satins had creamy smooth textures. The shadows come together really nicely on the eye and the shade range works for a variety looks. When worn over primer, I find these last the whole day with only minimal fading.

sleek i-divine all night long eyeshadow palette

For nights or those looking for bolder neutrals (and more shimmer!) the All Night Long palette offers a  "gorgeous cocktail of rich smokey nudes, sultry beiges, eye-catching golds and shimmering bronzes."

I like that this palette offers deeper neutrals for the evening, doesn't just offer up dark shades. You get a nice range shimmering metallic shades with gold, rose gold, and copper making an appearance. The shimmers do make up the bulk of this palette though, and I would have liked another deep matte for variety. The upside is the formula of the shimmers is amazing! While they are powders, they have a really creamy feel and all the pigment (ALL of it.)

Overall, I'm really into these new palettes! If think I had to chose just one, it would be the All Night Long palette, as the metal shades (the rose gold and copper specifically) are beyond gorgeous and I tend to like a bolder shadow. Luckily, at this price point, you really don't have to chose and can add them both to your stash without too much strain on your budget. What do you think> Need either of these in your makeup bag?

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