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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

OPI Alice Through the Looking Glass | Brights 2016

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Alice in Wonderland was one of my favourite movies growing up (and eventually book) so I can't help but have a bit of a soft spot when it comes along in various forms. As I'm sure most know, Disney is at it again with a sequel to 2010's Alice in Wonderland with Alice Through the Looking Glass. OPI has followed suit with a nine piece collection featuring shades inspired by the movie. This collection also serves as this year's Brights Collection, although the shades don't quite reflect that.

OPI oh my majesty! (1)
OPI oh my majesty! (2)

Oh My Majesty! is a pearlescent alabaster that is subtle, but gorgeous. The shade has an opal like glow that flares in the light beautifully. The formula reached opacity in two coats, but I found I needed a thrid for an even finish. Three coats.

opi i'm gown for anything

I'm Gown For Anything is a light, lilac cream. It's not super unique (but a trend in this collection, sadly) but so pretty and fresh looking. The formula is a touch thick, but leveled pretty well. Two coats.

opi the i's have it

The I's Have It is a poppy powder blue cream. It's light, but not washed out and a nice Spring shade. Again, not the most unique, but blue fans will adore it (I do.) The formula was a touch thin but built nicely. Two coats.

opi fearlessly alice

Fearlessly Alice is a bold cerulean cream. I fall in love with blues easily, so I can't help but love this shade, but it's not that unique. The formula is on the thick side and can get clumpy easily if you try to even out the polish. Oh, and it's a stainer. I used base coat when I did my swatches but still had a blue hue left on my nails. Two coats.

opi mad for madness sake

Mad for Madness Sake is a fuchsia cream. It looks a bit bolder in person, but is otherwise a pretty standard fuchsia shade. The formula is pretty great though. Two coats.

opi having a big head day

Having a Big Head Day is clearly in reference to the Queen of Hearts, which makes sense as this true red cream is totally her colour. Another shade that you've likely seen before (a few times) but it's a really good looking red with a perfect formula. Two coats.

opi what's the hatter with you

What's the Hatter with You is a deep burgundy cream. I feel like OPI has done this shade already (or something very similar) but my OPI stash is completely unorganized so don't expect comparisons. anyway, the formula is pretty great as it's even and builds to full depth in two coats.

opi a mirror escape (1)opi a mirror escape (2)

A Mirror Escape is an interesting shade with a metallic gold base silver glitter and the finest pink shimmer and dries to a sandy, textured finish. I didn't expect to like this shade, but I don't hate it. The formula is very thin and sheer on the first coat, but built better than I anticipated. Three coats.

opi special edition what time isn't it (2)opi special edition what time isn't it (1)

What Time Isn't It? is a deep grey with silver bar glitter. Now, I kind of hate bar glitter, but this has shorter cut glitter that isn't as messy looking as others. The glitter lays flat in the base and doesn't look all that bad. As a special edition shade, it comes specially boxed (and costs a little more than your average OPI) Two coats.
opi alice through the looking glass

Overall, this is a decent collection. Many of the shades look great, but aren't that unique. Oh My Majesty! is a must have shade with I'm Gown for Anything, The I's Have It, and Fearlessly Alice being nice additions for this season or if you're like me and have never met a blue you didn't love. What do you think? Any shades you need?

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