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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Fast Five | Sheerly Neutral

the fast five
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Sheer polishes get a bad wrap. I know I myself have passed them over in favour of an opaque finish, but there is something to be said for a sheer manicure. Neutral sheers create an effortlessly chic, clean, and modern manicure without much effort and are the perfect option when you've got a busy week- chips rarely show and are easily patched. I've curated a quick list of five neutral sheers that are perfect for any polish collection.

Zoya Jane is my most used sheer. The milky, white shade gives nails a fresh look and makes the whites of your nails brighter. Unlike many whitened sheers, the shade applies evenly and can be built up for a bit more opacity if wanted. Two coats.

Sweet Talker is a semi-opaque, ballerina pink cream. The shade is one of the best ultra-pale pinks I've experienced, as you can build it up without streaking and uneven-ness. It's fairly opaque, but will never fully hide visible nail line. Thee coats.

Sugar Daddy is a very sheer pink. It gives nails the slightest wash of pink while making nails look brighter and healthier with a glossy shine. I do believe I read that this is Jennifer Aniston's preferred manicure shade, but who knows how truthful a reporting that was. Two coats.

Arm Candy is a yellow-based nude sheer. The base has a whitened, milky thing happening that gives it a similar look to Zoya Jane, but warmer. The formula is very easy going and applies evenly for easy building should you want a bit more opacity. Three coats.

Put it in Neutral is a mauve-nude sheer from the 2015 Soft Shades Collection. This shade can reach a semi-opaque finish with added layers, but two (as shown) give a pretty wash of subtle colour.

As you can see, there are sheer shades that make for a quick and easy manicure. What do you think? Can you appreciate a sheer shade every now and then? Do you have any favourite shades?

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