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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Avon Senses Body Care | Fruity Yougurt & Starfruit and Coconut

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Everybody showers, or at least, they should... Avon is making shower time a bit more fun and fragrant with two new scents. Gone is the Naturals range, as it's been revamped and renamed with Senses Body Care taking over. The newest scents take a fresh, sweet, and foodie approach with Fruity Yogurt and Starfruit & Coconut offerings. Yum, right?

avon senses body care fruity yogurt

The Fruity Yougurt line up offers a body lotion, shower gel, and body scrub. Normally Avon offers a body mist, but has changed it up with a scrub. I'm very into the scrub! The Fruity Yogurt scetn is a combination of raspberry, pomegranate, and raw sugar cane, which is lightly sweet and fresh while also being fairly subtle. It makes for a nice summer scent as it's not cloying or overpowering.

avon senses body care sparkling starfruit & coconut

The Starfruit & Coconut scent gives off a tropical vibe with notes starfruit, young coconut, and amber. I don't really find the amber comes through, but the bright starfruit and coconut water type-scent (it doesn't come across a full on coconut to me) gives a light freshness. This overall scent is quite subtle, leaving a whisper of scent on skin, but perfect for warm weather as it won't be obtrusive or too much.

As for the formulas, the shower gel has a creamy texture that suds up well when used on a pouff and leaves skin cleansed but not stripped. The body lotion has a lightweight formula that offers decent hydration without feeling slick or heavy. The body scrub is a creamy scrub, with fine seed particles for light exfoliation. The body mist, well, it's body mist. There is an alcohol kick when first spritzed, but it dissipates pretty quickly leaving a clean scent.

All in all, pretty great scents! Of the two, I've been loving the Fruity Yogurt products most as I love the hint of sweetness they offer. what do you think? Will you be adding any of these scents to your bath routine?

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