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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Essie Gel Couture

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Happy Tuesday, blog fans! Have you noticed I've been playing fast and loose with my blog schedule? It wasn't meant to be intentional, but you know, I kind of like it. Posting every day for months is tiring. It was very much starting to lack any element of fun, and that's not so good. I've finally blogged my way through 90% of my backlog, so I don't feel too bad playing hookie. Today's post is a great way to start the week, as it's not only nail polish, it's new Essie polish. The new Essie Gel Couture range promises a long-lasting gel-like manicure in only two steps. Does it hold up? Read on for my thoughts.

essie gel couture (2)
essie gel couture (3)Essie Gel Couture brush

So, new Essie! Essie has joined team gel-effect with the launch of their new Gel Couture range. The two step system combines nail colour + top coat for a long-lasting, durable manicure. What Essie says:
  • Up to 14 day wear and impeccable gel like shine 
  • 2-step system that anyone can master,  2 coats of color and 1 coat of topcoat
  • No UV or LED lamp needed 
  • Choose from 42 lust-worthy couture shades, from 4 colour families
  • A new bottle design to mimic the twist and swirl of a perfectly tailored gown
  • Revolutionary, patent-pending swirl stem brush with a tapered cut ensures perfect color application
  • Easy removal, no soaking required

What you really want to know is, did it last? 14 days? Not at all. Now, most every nail polish formula (even lamp cured gels) chips easily and quickly on my fickle nails, so I can't judge the polish too harshly. As said, I didn't get 14 days of wear, but I did get all the way to day six, which for me, is phenomenal! I found the polish wore exceptionally right up until day six when is started to peel off at the edges. Up to that point it didn't have any chipping or wear and did stay nicely glossy.

I need to take a moment to praise the brush, as well. It's brush perfection! The flat shape with tapered edge is one of the best brushes I've ever used. It splays nicely to make filling the width of your nails easy and clean (and it's not too big on little nails.) The cut of the tip makes clean lines at the cuticle much easier too. It's a winner for sure.

essie gel couture (1)
Essie Gel Couture Collection Break-down

The Gel Couture range currently has 42 shades, with the 42 colors are divided into four collections; Atelier (soft neutrals), First Look (pastels), After Party (deep, sultry shades) and Fashion Show (bright, vibrant shades and classic pinks & reds). While the shades are new, they definitely follow suit with what we've come to know from Essie as a brand.

Fairy Tailor is a sheer, milky nude-pink. It gives nails a clean look on it's own but will also work for French manicures. The polish is easy to apply, as it builds without getting streaky/patchy. Two coats.

essie gel couture stitch by stitch

Stitch by Stitch is a cool, slightly dusty pink. It's a very pretty and very Essie-type shade. The formula is easy going, but did seem to dry with a slightly dull finish. The top coat gave it it's lustre back though. Two coats.

essie gel couture looks to thrill

Looks to Thrill is a peachy orange. It's got that slight pink tone to make it peachy, but is mostly orange. The formula was a bit particular, as I found it didn't want to level on the first coat and got patchy if you tried to help it along. The second coat smoothed things out though. Two coats. It's also best applied when listening to this. Just 'cus.

essie gel couture first view

First View is a cool, icy-blue with the finest tonal shimmer. The shimmer is a bit hidden, but does add a touch of glow to the shade. Anther easy formula. Two coats.

essie gel couture off duty style

Off Duty Style is a slightly dusted, deep green-teal cream with an AMAZING one coat formula. Yup. This deep, saturated hue applies in one coat. Win!

essie gel couture bubbles only

Bubbles Only is a deep red cream. It's my favourite kind of red and applies well in two easy coats, even though the formula is more of a crelly (cream + jelly) with a slightly transparent formula.

Overall, I really like this range! While it has never stopped me from wearing them, normal Essie polishes never last very long on my nails, so I LOVE that the Gel Couture formula wears longer. I do kind of wish the system had it's own base coat, because I have the kind of luck that my most used base will be the one formula that doesn't work with these- but it's a small thing. What do you think? Do you like the no-lamp type of gel-effect polishes? Will you or have tried these?

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