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Monday, June 20, 2016

Getting Goaty with Caprina by CANUS Goat's Milk Bath & Body Products

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Okay, getting goaty doesn't exactly sound that appealing, wait. Maybe it does; goats are adorable... I'm getting side tracked thinking about baby goats now. They're so cute! Back on track. What I'm getting at, is goat's milk. Caprina is what I consider the authority of goat's milk products, as my family has been using them since the brand's inception in 1999. I'll admit that at the time, goat's milk sounded pretty odd, but it makes for some excellent products.

caprina goat's milk shower gel

caprina goat's milk soap

Caprina offers a pretty complete selection of bath and body goods with body wash, body lotion, hand and bar soap, bath milk, and lip balm available. Every product in the range features goat's milk, which is known to be a highly effective, natural moisturizer. You may know that any type of milk is beneficial for skin, but the shorter protein strands that comprise goat milk are easier for skin to absorb, making it more effective. As such, each of their products is gentle on skin with cleansing products (like soap, body wash, and hand soaps) leaving skin feeling comfortable  as they don't compromise skin's natural protective barrier and are never drying.

As gentle as the products are, they all contain some form of scent. Caprina offers Lavender Oil, Orchid Oil, Original Formula, Shea Butter,  and the new Olive Oil & Wheat Proteins scents. The scents are derived from essential oils and natural ingredients. I really like the shea and orchid scents, with the orchid having a clean, but sweet floral scent while the shea is clean and a neutral. The scents linger on skin, but aren't overpowering and won't interfere with other scents.

I've been using the bar soap for years (since my mom first started buying it) and am so happy to have tried more from the brand. You really can't miss with any of these products, but I particularly love the Orchid Oil Shower Gel. It just smells so great. Have you tried this brand or anything made with goat's milk?

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