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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Beauty Blog Coalition Weekly Roundup Vol. 92

bbc roundup
  • Lola's Secret Beauty Blog: African Botanics Marula Detoxifying Salt & Sugar Body Scrub is perfection for Silky Smooth Summer Skin!
  • Beauty by Miss L: Avon MagiX Multi-Benefit Illuminator in Illuminating Light
  • is one of those Holy Grail products for Leelo.
  • Color Me So Crazy: I have some fantastic metallic nail polish
  • to share with you and you are going to love it!!!
  • Makeup Obsessed Mom: 5 minute gel manicures in the comfort of your own home? See how Stacie's doing it here.
  • Atlanta Beauty Expert: Celebrate National Lipstick day with the perfect shade of lipstick
  • I Know all the Words: Skincare essentials with Avene cleansers. micellar, makeup remover & toner

  • Friday, July 29, 2016

    Bio Seaweed Gel Carnival Summer Unity Collection | 271 Tea Cups

    bio sea weed gel carnival tea cups (6)::: press sample :::

    It's a polish day, but not your ordinary... We're talking Bio Seaweed Gel! Gel polish has become pretty standard, with so many at-home options, but none are quite like the Bio Seaweed Unity range. It's a two step system (no base required) that you can cure without a lamp, if you so choose. The Unity range can be cured in the sun. It also happens to be incredibly durable and one of the few polishes that lasts up to a week (or more) on my nails. It's incredible stuff. Bio Seaweed Gel is always adding new shades, and has recelty launched a fun eight-piece collection with perfect summer hues in the form of the Carnival Summer Unity Collection. Read on for a closer look at Tea Cups a cute light purple.

    Thursday, July 28, 2016

    Fresh Faced with Avene Cleansers, Eye Makeup Remover, Micellar & Toner

    Fresh Faced with Avene (1)::: press sample / affiliate links :::

    Some things are essential- shelter, food, water, skincare... Okay, some people might not agree with that last one, but come on, skincare is on my must have list. It doesn't have to be pricey, but it does have to be effective. Avene gets me. Avene has always offered amazing formulas at decent prices, but they've recently become even better with new and improved formulas, a new look, and better value (thanks bigger bottles!) It's a win all around, really. Ready to talk cleansers, eye makeup remover, micellar & toner? Read on!

    Tuesday, July 26, 2016

    Salty & Sweet with BVSpa by Bon Vital Salt and Sugar Scubs

    BVSpa by Bon Vital Salt & Sugar Scrub pink grapefruit and  pomegranate acai berry (3)
    ::: press sample :::

    Scrubs! I for one, love a good scrub down, whether it be face or body.My skin gets dry and dull, so regular exfoliation gives it a boost and keeps it looking brighter and in general, happier. Happy skin is good skin. My most recent scrub loves come from BVSpa by Bon Vital in the form of their Pomegranate & Acai Berry Salt Scrub and Pink Grapefruit Sugar Scrub.

    Monday, July 25, 2016

    OPI Washington, D.C. Collection | Fall/Winter 2016

    OPI Washingtong DC Collection FallWinter::: press sample / affiliate links :::

    The leaves in are beginning to change hue, days are getting shorter, there's a cool chill in the air... in the beauty world at least. Autumn collections are here! Well, a few, like the OPI Washington, D/C collection for Fall/Winter 2016. The collection is filled with rich cremes that are nothing but autumnal, and were the result of a collaboration with OPI's first ever Creative Ambassador, Kerry Washington. She worked with the brand to name each of the twelve permanent and three limited edition shades. Want a closer look? I know you do. Read on for the swatches!

    Sunday, July 24, 2016

    Beauty Blog Coalition Weekly Roundup Vol. 91

    bbc roundup

  • Lola's Secret Beauty Blog: African Botanics Resurrection Cell Recovery Serum
  • is the ultimate serum that increases collagen synthesis, accelerates skin cell-turnover, plumps and reduces the appearance of fine lines, improves elasticity and tone, deeply nourishes and hydrates skin and it reveals luminous, youthful skin.
  • Spontaneous Chick: Last week you learned about the benefits of the papaya for the skin. This week learn about a papaya and mango face mask recipe that works as well as it tastes.
  • Color Me So Crazy: I've Got Some Estee Edit Products and YOU Will Fall In LOOOOOVE
  • Makeup Obsessed Mom: MAC has a new mascara that's supposed to instantly curl your lashes. See Stacie's results and review.
  • Never Say Die Beauty: Allison is hosting a giveaway to 6 lucky U.S. winners: receive her daytime skincare duo: Reviva Labs Vitamin C+ Serum and Sun Protective Moisturizer with spf 25!
  • I Know all the Words: Glow all summer long with the very cute (an universal!) warm highlight of Mark. Touch & Glow Shimmer Cream Bars All-Over Face Palette

  • Friday, July 22, 2016

    Essence Metal Glam Eyeshadows

    essence metal glam eyeshadows sugar mint candy, hello goldie, choco-chick, are you grey, sparkle all night (4)
    ::: press sample :::

    Glittering, shimmering, glowing goodness. That's what today is about with the Essence Metal Glam Eyeshadows. These little guys pack a punch of shimmery colour and are a fun way to add a bit of sparkle to your makeup bag. Read on for a look at Sugar Mint Candy, Hello Goldie, Choco-Chick, Are You Grey, and Sparkle All Night, plus an eye look I've dubbed the "Sugar Mint-Chocolate Candy" look.

    Wednesday, July 20, 2016

    Mark Touch & Glow Shimmer Cream Bars All-Over Face Palette

    mark touch & glow shimmer cream bars all-over face palette in natural glow (2)
    ::: press sample / affiliate links :::

    A summer glow is often a go-to subject come this time of year. Not so much on this blog. I'm pale and that's just fine with me. That said, I can get down with a bit of glow when it comes in the form of a gorgeous highlighter. Mark is my most recently glow buddy, with their new Touch & Glow Shimmer Cream Bars All-Over Face Palette. It's a mouthful of a name, but a really amazing highlighter.

    Tuesday, July 19, 2016

    Getting Oaty with A Derma Epitheliale A.H Duo & Xera-Mega Confort

    a derma epitheliale ah duo & xera-mega confort  (1)
    ::: press sample :::

    A few weeks ago, we got goaty. Today, we get oaty. Yup, as in oats, specifically the Rhealba Oat which has been a key ingredient in A Derma skincare products for over 30 years. Each A Derma product works to nourish and reduce irritation on the skin as all products are formulated without potentially irritating ingredients like alcohol, fragrance, and essential oils. Instead, they rely on a base of dermatological knowledge to product products that baby sensitive skin types and work for the whole family from infant to senior. Today we'll be having a little beauty chat that specifically looks at the Epitheliale A.H Duo Repairing Cream & Xera-Mega Confort Nourishing Anti-Dryness Cream. Ready? Read on!

    Sunday, July 17, 2016

    Beauty Blog Coalition Weekly Roundup Vol. 90

    bbc roundup

  • Lola's Secret Beauty Blog: Looking for ultra-effective anti-aging and skin refreshing masks? Then check out this Dr. Brandt Oxygen Facial Flash Recovery Mask and Needles No More 3-D Filler Mask review to see why they are really worth trying!
  • Spontaneous Chick: benefits of mango for the skin and hair
  • I Know all the Words: Nothing but Healthy Nails with Formula X. Take your nails to their happy place with a bit of help from a selection of treatment infused base/top coats and polishes.
  • Color Me So Crazy: Looking for an idea for 80s night? Check out my fun nails for inspiration!!
  • Beauty by Miss L: Find out if NYX Be Gone makeup remover wipes are as good as promised.
  • Makeup Obsessed Mom: Are the new Maybelline Color Jolt Lip Paints a dupe for Too Faced Melted lipstick? See Stacie's review on
  • Grow It Girl: Tiki let her creative side out and showed us she not just beauty with a tutorial for a DIY clutch purse that easily doubles for a makeup bag.
  • Keely's Nails: Keely joined the maniswap circle and recreated these Electric Punk Samurai nails
  • originally by Danielle.

    Friday, July 15, 2016

    Everything Eyes | Arbonne Eye Primer, Liners & Shadows (Brows too!)

    everything eyes with arbonne (2)::: press sample / affiliate links :::

    It's Friday! Friday is a great day for a bit of makeup. Actually, strike that. Any day is a great day for makeup. Today was original meant to be a skincare day, but we're shaking things up with a batch of new Arbonne bits that are all about the eyes- from brows, to primer, liner, and shadow. Ready for the rundown? Let's go!

    Wednesday, July 13, 2016

    Nothing but Healthy Nails with Formula X

    nothing but healthy nails with formula x (5)::: press sample / affiliate links :::

    Nails! You know I love everything nails- polish, treatments, decals, foils, glitter... you name it, I'm in. Formula X gets me, as they're always up to something new. My latest batch of Formula X newness is about more than just good looking nails, and is focused on products to not only beautify, but also treat and maintain healthy nails. Read on for a selection of goodies including products that were formerly only available in The Prescription sets.

    Tuesday, July 12, 2016

    Cleanse & Firm with Shiseido Creamy Cleansing Emulsion & Firming Massage Mask

    shiseido creamy cleansing emulsion and firming masage mask (3)
    ::: press sample / affiliate links :::

    Hello, blog fans! As you probably have already noticed, we're talking skincare today. Not just any skincare, but two gentle and effective gems from Shiseido. I don't know about you, but I always feel like I am spelling it completely wrong... Anyway, the products at hand include a dreamy cleansing milk in the form of the Shiseido Creamy Cleansing Emulsion and an interesting anti-aging mask in the form of the Shiseido Firming Massage Mask. Interested? You know what to do...

    Monday, July 11, 2016

    Nuances of Neutral | OPI Infinite Shine Summer 2016

    opi infinite shine summer 2016 (1)
    ::: press sample / affiliate links :::

    More Infinite Shine newness from OPI? Yup. It seems they're really into giving us new collections this year. I like it! When is new polish a bad thing though? For Summer 2016, Infinite Shine is all about nuances of neutral with a limited edition collection of "makeup" shades inspired by the blush, beige, pink, and peach tones seen in the summer collections of Fendi, Elie Saab, Calvin Klein and Oscar de la Renta. Pretty hues and a long-lasting gel effect polish? Yes, please! If you're new to the Infinite shine system, check out my full rundown and wear test here, and read on for swatches of the OPI Infinite Shine Summer 2016 Collection!

    Sunday, July 10, 2016

    Beauty Blog Coalition Weekly Roundup Vol. 89

    bbc roundup

  • Lola's Secret Beauty Blog: Stowaway Cosmetics makes gorgeous makeup that is covet-worthy, and the smaller sizes make these beauties the perfect choice for your handbag and travel.
  • Inspirations & Celebrations: Enter The Happy Summer #Giveaway from @InspireNCelebr8 to win a $250 prize!
  • Keely's Nails: I was set a challenge to create a "Sexy Flag" manicure and made these super shiny Flag Nails - it's Jelly Sandwich time!
  • I Know all the Words: July brings a new batch of shades from Formula X with #ColourCurators Urban Bush Babes.
  • Color Me So Crazy: Check out my day of fun and beauty on 4th of July!
  • Makeup Obsessed Mom: Can you really smooth your wrinkles at home? Check out Stacie's review of the Conture here.
  • Never Say Die Beauty: Allison shares her first attempt at airbrushing with Luminess Air Legend makeup system. Not bad for the first time out!
  • Grow It Girl: If you are seeking maximum relaxation this summer, Grow It Girl has you covered. Find out how Tiki is loving her Customized Essential Facial.

  • Friday, July 8, 2016

    Makeup Bag Staples from Joe Fresh

    joe fresh beauty makeup bag staples (1)::: press sample :::

    Being a blogger means I get to try a lot of different products. It also means, I've collected a pretty sizeable stash (who am I kidding, it would be sizeable even if I wasn't a blogger...) Anyway, I get so used to blogger-land, wherein everyone has their faves and long-time must haves. Not everyone is at that stage, and stocking the basics can be tough with so many products to choose from. I was sent a few Joe Fresh products that all happen to make for excellent makeup bag staples. Great if you're just starting out or need to beef up your bag. Plus, the $4-12 price range means you can go crazy on a budget. Read on for the rundown of what I've tried.

    Wednesday, July 6, 2016

    Pretty in Pink | L'Occitane Pivoine Sublime Perfecting Toner

    L'Occitane Pivoine sublime Perfecting Toner 004
    ::: press sample / affiliate links :::

    On Wednesdays, we wear pink, well... you don't really wear toner. More like use pink toner. And if we're getting specific the toner isn't pink it's the bottle.... Whatever, it's pink and it just happens that this post falls on a Wednesday. As for the previously mentioned toner, It's a new gem of a product from L'Occitane.

    Tuesday, July 5, 2016

    Formula X #ColourCurators | Urban Bush Babes

    formula x july colour curators urban bush babes (4)::: press sample / affiliate links :::

    Another month means a new Colour Curator! Actually, I'm not sure what was up with last month, as I didn't get any info... Oh well, July is here and with it comes three Formula X shades curated by Urban Bush Babes. Sephora is seriously making me feel out of touch, as this is yet another blogger (or in this case bloggers- they're sisters) that I was unaware of. #getting old. Read on for a closer look at Everdream?, Beige From Our Book, and Seeing Double...

    Saturday, July 2, 2016

    Beauty Blog Coalition Weekly Roundup Vol. 88

    bbc roundup
  • Lola's Secret Beauty Blog: LIPSTICK QUEEN Frog Prince Cream Blush & Lip Gloss are whimsical must-haves that are green in their packaging, but they transform into the most gorgeous rosebud pink shade imaginable.
  • Beauty by Miss L: Leelo tested Babo Botanicals 40 SPF Daily Sheer For Face Sunscreen
  • and now she shares her opinion od this cruelty free skin care product.
  • I Know all the Words: Summer can be rough if you're not prepared. Check out my 2016 Edition of Summer Survival Supplies
  • for everything you need to enjoy some fun in the sun.
  • Keely's Nails: I've seen photos of this design a few times and I think Bracelet Nails are going to be the next big trend in nail art. It involves a sheer or nude base, with thin, roughly horizontal lines near the tip, loaded with nail jewellery like a charm bracelet. This is my take on it!
  • Makeup Obsessed Mom: Makeup Obsessed Mom has a review and giveaway of the POPSUGAR Must Have Box
  • on her blog this week.
  • ProcrastiNails: Six bite sized beauty sample reviews for those who want to get their beauty fix in a flash!
  • Color Me So Crazy: My nails are matchy-match for those little liars! #RedCoatTuesday

  • Friday, July 1, 2016

    Pinapples, Please! | Avon Foot Works Pineapple Chill Scrub, Lotion, and Cooling Spray

    Avon Foot Works Pineapple Chill Scrub, Lotion, and Colling Spray (1)::: press sample :::

    Happy Canada Day to my Canadian friends and an early happy July 4th to my US buds. As for everyone else not in those groups, happy Friday! Today isn't the greatest summer day (it's rainy, overcast, and on the cool side) but summer is officially here and has brought sandal season along with it. Avon has three new perfectly pineapple products to not only prep feet, but keep them cool on the hottest of days. Oh, and a super cute tote if you're really into everything pineapple. Read on!