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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Fresh Faced with Avene Cleansers, Eye Makeup Remover, Micellar & Toner

Fresh Faced with Avene (1)::: press sample / affiliate links :::

Some things are essential- shelter, food, water, skincare... Okay, some people might not agree with that last one, but come on, skincare is on my must have list. It doesn't have to be pricey, but it does have to be effective. Avene gets me. Avene has always offered amazing formulas at decent prices, but they've recently become even better with new and improved formulas, a new look, and better value (thanks bigger bottles!) It's a win all around, really. Ready to talk cleansers, eye makeup remover, micellar & toner? Read on!

avene eye makeup remover

This particular batch of Avene goodness has a theme. That theme being the most magical of times, the moments after a long day when you remove the day. Okay, sometimes it's a bittersweet moment (like when your liner was totally even and amazing that day) but there is nothing better than the feel of a freshly washed face after a long day. Hair up, bra off, clean face= heaven.

Anyway, we're getting this removal party started with the Avene Eye Makeup Remover. The gel remover is a bit different than what I typically use, mainly because it's a gel and it feels cold upon contact with skin (and a little slimy, if we're being honest.) Feels aside, this clear gel breaks down eye makeup really easily (including waterproof!) while being incredibly gentle on skin and eyes. It doesn't require rubbing or tugging and wipes away easily.

avene micelar lotion

While the Avene Eye Makeup Remover is really effective at removing liner, mascara, eyeshadow (the whole deal) I still like to to pass a bit of micellar over my eyes to be 100% makeup free. The Avene Micellar Lotion is a great option as it breaks down makeup (not waterproof mascara though) on face, lips and eyes and doesn't leave skin with any residue or tight feeling. I am very happy this is now available in a larger bottle as it's easy to fly through the smaller ones. Plus, this formula is great. I find it is one of the more hydrating formulas I've tired- some leave my eyes feeling drier, while this one doesn't.

avene milk cleanser

Moving on to full face cleansers with a favourite of mine- cleansing milk. Avene Gentle Milk Cleanser is definitely a good one as it does it all and is super gentle on skin, but leaves it feeling baby soft. It's kind of magical. Cleansing milks are great options when you're too tired (and or lazy) for multiple cleansing steps as the milk works on eyes and face and makes quick work of removing makeup and cleansing in one. Plus, it can be tissued off should you have ultra sensitive skin or happen to be away from a water source (e.g. camping.)

Like all Avene formulas, it features Avene thermal water which soothes skin and also features moisturizers for added hydration. Unlike the other products we've chatted up thus far, this one does have a light fragrance. It's fresh and clean but non-irritating- I can use this on my eyes without issue.

avene cleansing foam

While the Gentle Milk Cleanser is a great choice for dry, extra dry, and sensitive skin types (or anyone, really) the Cleansing Foam is great for normal-combination and/or sensitive skin- the great thing about Avene is they never leave out the sensitive types. As I tend to have direr skin, cleansing foams aren't always my first choice, but as it is summer and my skin is more normal, I've been indulging in this foam. It's bottle has a foam-creating pump that produces light, whippy foam that leaves skin perfectly cleansed without that tell-tale tightness. For those who are more combination, and may deal with oiliness, the formula contains glutamic acid, which regulates sebum production to help keep skin matte.

avene toning lotion

To finish off the cleansing process, and prep for the rest of your routine, you're going to need a toner. The Avene Gentle Toning Lotion is just that toner. I feel like I've tried my fair share of toners, but this is my first bi-phase toner. Yup, it's bi-phase. The alcohol and oil-free toner uses the famous Avene thermal spring water and natural silicates to sooth, soften, and calm skin after the cleansing process, while also providing a protective film on skin. The toner is pH balanced as to no over-dry skin and leaves it feeling soft and soothed. It is one of the lightly scented products, but as with the others, it's a very light, pleasnat scent that dissipates quickly.

Overall, some excellent skincare options from Avene. Of the bunch, my must haves are the micellar and toner, but the cleaning milk is well worth a try as well. You really can't go wrong with Avene formulas, so it all comes down to skin type and personal cleansing preferences. What do you think? Have you tried any of these products? Do you have any Avene favourites?

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