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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Getting Oaty with A Derma Epitheliale A.H Duo & Xera-Mega Confort

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A few weeks ago, we got goaty. Today, we get oaty. Yup, as in oats, specifically the Rhealba Oat which has been a key ingredient in A Derma skincare products for over 30 years. Each A Derma product works to nourish and reduce irritation on the skin as all products are formulated without potentially irritating ingredients like alcohol, fragrance, and essential oils. Instead, they rely on a base of dermatological knowledge to product products that baby sensitive skin types and work for the whole family from infant to senior. Today we'll be having a little beauty chat that specifically looks at the Epitheliale A.H Duo Repairing Cream & Xera-Mega Confort Nourishing Anti-Dryness Cream. Ready? Read on!

If you're like me, and scar from just looking at a blemish, then the Epitheliale A.H Duo Ultra-Repair Cream is for you. Granted, it's also useful for everyday cuts and scrapes and after dermatogical procedures, but I foresee most of use using this to help heal and and prevent scarring in acne/breakout related events.

The lightweight cream has a rich feel, but absorbs into skin with the lightest feel. While the cream is formulated to heal quickly and prevent scarring, it also works to hydrate skin, and leaves it smooth and supple. The cream is formulated with three-ingredient complex (aka Cicahylalumide Complex) that includes Dipeptide L-ala-l-glu, Rhealba oat plantlets, and hyaluronic acid, which together speed up skin reconstruction, smooth and stimulate collage, aids in healing while reducing pigment (you know, the brown hue of scars) and acts as an anti-inflammatory and reduces redness.

I haven't had any major breakouts to fully test this, but I did apply it to a cat scratch, and found it worked really nicely to reduce redness, increase healing time, and the best part, prevent s scar. I scar easily, so I'm beyond pleased that this seems to work as advertised.

For those who are constantly fighting the battle of annoying dry skin (face, body, basically anywhere there is skin...) then the Xera-Mega Confort Nourishing Anti-Dryness Cream deserves a spot in your stash. I know my fellow dry-skinners have a moisturizer stash, don't even try and deny it. The Xera-Mega is different than your average though. For starters, it's safe for use on the face and body, and has a gel-cream type texture with a bit of a balmy feel. It's nothing quite like any other moisturizer I've used. The cream feels quite light on skin, but does need a moment to fully absorb. It does so pretty cleanly, but does leave a bit of a feel on hands. I wouldn't call it a film, but it does need a moment to dissipate.

Anyway, the cream is intensely hydrating and soothes dry itchy skin in mere seconds. I love that it's so hydrating without feeling heavy and I can apply it after a summer shower without that cloying, heavy feel som rich moisturizers leave. The formula is naturally fragranced with primrose oil, which leaves a clean, light floral scent on skin. As for the science-y formulation, this features the brand's Rhealba oat plantlets, plant-baed glycerine, omega 6. vitamin B3, and plant based triglicerides that work to hydrate, soften, strengthen and smooth skin while also providing a waterproof barrier to keep moisture locked in.

Overall, I've been really pleased with both of these A Derma products. For those unfamiliar with A Derma (no shame, I was too) they're part of the Pierre Fabre family (who also make Avene and Klorane) made in France, and now available in Canadian drugstores. What do you think, could you use any of these products in your life? Have you tried anything from A Derma?

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