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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Back to School with Quo | Fall 2016

quo back to school 2016
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In my school-attending years, I remember August feeling like one long Sunday. Meaning, it has that lingering feel of doom. Not that I hated school, but a new year always comes with a touch of stomach churning anxiety mixed with excitement. August means summer is almost over, but it also means back to school shopping! One of my favourite times of the year (even now) as stationary lover, but it's also a great time to snag a bit of limited edition back to school beauty. Quo has launched a back to school collection that is not only cute, but oh-so functional. Read on for a closer look!

quo daily beauty palette (4)quo daily beauty palette (5)quo daily beauty palette (6)quo daily beauty palette (1)Quo Daily Beauty Palette $42 CAD

quo daily beauty palette (2)Quo Daily Beauty Palette- Thursday shadows & liner

quo daily beauty palette (3)Quo Daily Beauty Palette- radiant highlight, blush, and matte highlight

Firstly, if you're wondering "What's Quo? Do I know that brand?" you're likely not Canadian. Canadian ladies know it's the beauty brand of Shoppers Drug Mart (our main Canadian drugstore, like CVS.) Quo offers everything from brushes and makeup remover through to seasonal collections and everyday makeup staples.

For back to school, they've created the super adorable Daily Beauty Palette. Dressed in watercolour dots, it has the look of a book and a whole lot of product inside. The palette has seven rows of shadows- one for each day of the week- with a matching cream liner. It also includes a radiant highlight with a soft sheen, a pink satin blush, and a matte highlight.

Quality of the shadows is a bit all over the place, with some excellent shades, some just okay and a few stiffer, drier ones. Overall, they are pretty decent when applied over a primer/base. I was impressed that a lot of the mates were nicely pigmented (if not a touch chalky.) These shadows blend nicely and can definitely work to create some great looks if you take the time to work them. The palette is a nice starter for younger beauty fans (middle/high school age).

quo taking notes beauty palette (3)quo taking notes beauty palette (4)quo taking notes beauty palettequo taking notes beauty palette (1)quo taking notes beauty palette (2)Quo Taking Notes Beauty Palette $32 CAD

Beauty gets portable with the Taking Notes Beauty Palette, which is actually two (palettes, that is.) The palettes are housed in a zippered planner-type case with a mini six ring binder system. The palettes can be clipped in and out of the case which also includes room for four cards and your phone in the back. Totally useful, I just wish they had included some paper for it too!

The palettes offer two different 'feels' with one featuring a range of neutral hues, and the second having a smokier feel. between the two palettes you get 12 shadows, 2 eyeliners, 4 lip colours, and 4 blushes/bronzers. The quality is a bit better then that of the Daily Beauty Palette, but that could be because you're getting less matte shades and more satin and shimmer shades which fare better overall.

quo hall monitor clutch (2)quo hall monitor clutch (1)Quo Hall Monitor Clutch $22.00 CAD

For those who really don't need any more makeup (is that even possible?!) the Hall Monitor Clutch is for you. The clutch is makeup-free, but super cute. The black exterior is accented with a pastel-meets-neon pink patent material (the Taking Notes Beauty Palette has matching trim) for a pop of colour. The zip case holds a cell phone on the back (or front...) that closes securely to hold your gadget in place. It also features a removable wrist-strap- it's a great add on for keys too. Inside, it features various pockets, a zippered pouch for coins, and room for four cards.

Overall, this is a nice little collection. I think a younger crowd (middle and high school age) will appreciate it the most or those just getting into makeup. What do you think? Know any beauties heading back to school that would love it?

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