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Friday, August 5, 2016

FarmHouse Fresh Citrus Cilantro Body Oil

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I'm just realizing that it's been a very skin-centric week, but what can you do? I can promise a bit more colour next week, but with a side order of skincare. I seem to be swimming in it at the moment. No complaints, especially when it's as good a the new FarmHouse Fresh Citrus Cilantro Body Oil. FMF is most known for foodie scents (think marshmallow, sweet cream, honey etc.) but are getting fresh and green with their newest offering.

The FarmHouse Fresh Citrus Cilantro Body Oil has a delightful fresh, citrus (lemony, to my nose) and green scent (kind of like freshly cut grass). I didn't think I'd be into this scent as I hate cilantro and am pretty picky about my citrus scents, but this is clean and sunny and subtle enough to wear with other scents. That said, the scent does linger nicely on skin, making it a nice stand alone too.

As for the oil, it's a lightweight blend that includes soybean, grape seed, olive fruit, jojoba seed, sunflower seed, apricot kernel, and orange peel oils with shea and coco butter. The oil is very easily absorbed by skin and does so well with no oily feel or film. I love that it's really hydrating, but so light- it's perfect for slathering on post shower on a warm day. Fining a summer body moisturizer isn't always easy (aka something light that doesn't feel smother-y) but this is a really great option. Plus, that scent!

Overall, I love this! As mentioned it's perfect for the summer and the fresh scent makes it a really nice experience. What do you think? Are you into body oils? Have you tired anything from FarmHouse Fresh?

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