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Friday, August 26, 2016

Go Go Gadget | Michael Todd SonicBLEND Antimicrobial Sonic Makeup Brush

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Another day, another brush so it seems, but the brush at hand is not your ordinary... It's sonic (insert your oohs and ahhs here.) The gadget making minds at Michael Todd are at it again with the SonicBLEND Antimicrobial Sonic Makeup Brush. This go go gadget-style makeup brush combines two of the unique features of the brand's cleansing brush as it uses sonic technology and is antimicrobial. I know you're interested so read on for the rundown and my thoughts.

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The Michael Todd SonicBLEND comes boxed in their signature white and purple packaging. Inside you find the brush handle, brush head, and USB cable. The brush charges via USB, so there are no batteries needed and you can easily charge wherever you are by computer or even your phone charger. The brush head is removable to allow for easy cleansing and as I realized, makes it even easier to travel with. You can stash the brush head away where it won't get damaged without having to fit the handle in too.

The box also includes a handy little instruction booklet that outlines the parts/components of the brush and tips for use. It's great, but you really don't need to know much to use the brush as it's as easy as any other. Once it charges that is, it does need three hours to charge prior to first use.

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As you can see, the SonicBLEND handle is a bit larger than your average brush (shown next to a Sigma F84 for reference) but, it's surprisingly lightweight. You would expect there to be a bit of heft, as it's electronic and has all it's bits and pieces housed in the handle, but the ergonomic shape and overall design work to make it easy to hold and use. While we're talking handle, there are three colour options- black, pink, and a very classy looking tortoise.

While the handle is bigger, the brush head is a bit smaller than your average. For good reason though, as the SonicBLEND is useful for more than just foundation application. I was hesitant about that feature and really couldn't see myself using it for anything other than foundation, but it does work for powders (setting powder, bronzer, and blush) and concealer. The brush offers three different speeds- low, medium, and high- which allow for a little bit of customization. I find high to be a little too aggressive, so I stick to medium for foundation and low for other products. The brush head itself, has a dense, flat top style that in combination with the sonic movements work to gently sweep product onto skin. And yes, you can purchase replacement heads for the brush ($26 USD).

While the price point is higher than your typical brush, I think this is a gadget that is well worth it. I found the brush applies makeup so well. I liked how my makeup looked when applied with a sponge or normal brush, but this gives an even smoother and more flawless finish than I expected. Skin looks impeccable and really, who doesn't want that? Plus, the antimicrobial bristles ensure a cleanser brush. You can't skip a deep cleaning session, but still, it's nice knowing you're not giving bacteria a nice comfy home either. What do you think? Would you add this brush to your routine?

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