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Monday, August 29, 2016

Pearlesque Box | September 2016 Bottega Organica

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Happy Monday, blog fans! We're starting things off with a little subscription box action. It's been a while since I've covered one, but Pearlesque Box isn't like your average. Unlike the bulk that offer deluxe samples and the odd full size item, Pearlesque Box features one brand in each box and only ships full size products. For September, Bottega Organica is the featured, brand specializing in 100% organic, all natural skincare. Read on for a rundown of the featured products!

Actually, the products will have to wait just a moment, as it makes more sense to chat about Pearlesque Box first, right? Pearlesque Box is not only all about full size products, they also take a themed approach as their monthly brands represent a different region of the world (with Bottega Organica being from Ligura, Italy.) Each of their brands also has to be better-for-you by being organic, naturally derived, cruelty -free, and non-toxic.

And a bit of Bottega Organica background too, yes? Launched in 2014by a group of doctors, Bottega Organica is a 100% organic, all-natural range of skincare products with proven anti-aging ingredients/ How do they know? They did the research themselves. Thousands of natural substances were screened for their anti-aging properties and identified as "Natural Inhibitors of Senescence" (aka NIS) From there they found that a specific species of sage was the most active NIS and include it in their products.

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Bottega Organica Orange Face Soap 95 g $24 USD

I just received my Pearlesque Box, so I haven't used this soap just yet but I can give you the basics. It's a bar soap that is designed for facial cleansing, formulated with pure organic orange essential oil and extra-virgin olive oil. It includes active ingredients from grape leaves, and golden and prawn sage which have a natural anti-aging action to enhance skin's radiance and youthfulness. Although this is an orange soap, I find it has almost no scent.

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Bottega Organica Orange Nourishing Body Oil 50 ml $66 USD

The body is treated to a delightful oil with the Bottega Organica Orange Nourishing Body Oil. Unlike the soap, this does have a natural orange-ish scent. The scent is a little herbal and a touch floral as well thanks to the blend of French Lilac and extra-virgin olive oil. Organic orange peel extract, carrots, and apricots also join the mix, for a hydrating, anti-aging moisturizer. The oil is slightly thick in texture, but smooths over skin easily and leaves it feeling smooth and supple.

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Bottega Organica Orange Body Mist 100 ml $38 USD

Last up, a scent that does more than just smell incredible. The Bottega Oraganica Orange Body Mist is a light floral body mist that combines the sweet-freshness of orange blossom with French Lilac with golden and prawn sage to bot scent skin and provide a dose of vitamins and antioxidant agents. I'm not a flower buff, but do love orange blossoms, so this scent is a winner for me.

Overall, I'm quite impressed with Pearlesque Box and Bottega Organica as a brand. A monthly subscription to Pearlesque Box will set you back $39.95 (free shipping within the USA, international shipping is an additional fee.) You're pretty much guaranteed to get much more for your money- this month's box has a value of $128 (not too shabby!) To receive this month's box, subscribe here by Sept. 5th. What do you think? Do you or have you subscribed to Pearlesque Box? Tried Bottega Organica?

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