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Friday, September 30, 2016

Hannah Wears the Blues | Review + EOTD

hannah wears the blues review + eotd (2)::: press sample :::

I've been wearing glasses since I was nine, which means they've been with me my entire makeup life. There were no blogs when I was finding my makeup footings, so I had to figure things out by trial and error. Obviously, one can find all kinds of tips for looking amazing and how to optimize your makeup when wearing glasses. BUT (you know a but was coming, right?) there is one tip I can't stand- that you shouldn't wear colour if you wear glasses. What?! That advice needs to be run over twice, burned, and buried. If you love colour, wear it! Sure, neutrals are great but glasses don't have to hinder your shade choices. I've been wearing some very cute new glasses from and have been inspired by their deep blue hues. You'll have to read on for the look and how you can recreate it for yourself....

As mentioned, the inspiration for this look comes from my new frames. The Hannah Cat Eye brings a bit of retro flare with a softened cat eye shape and 60's style print on the outer corners. The deep blue glasses frames feature a bit of lighter blue and gold through the deign that adds some interest without being too bold or busy. I love that these frames are a bit unique, but not over the top and, in my option, completely cute.

I've chatted up before (here) and was just as pleased with these glasses as I was with my first pair. The ordering process is quick and easy, my prescription is perfect, and they're shipped in a protective hard case. Even better, it's clear, so you can easily see you stash if you're a collector. I have a strong prescription, so my glasses can get heavy quickly, but Glasses Shop offers a wide range of indexes so you can the best fit for your lenses. It's an added cost, but  well worth it for a more comfortable fit. You can also find an array of prescription sunglasses, which is amazing because it can be hard to find cute frames elsewhere.

hannah wears the blues review + eotd (4)The products

  • Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Oil
  • Make Up For Ever Water Blend Foundation - R250
  • Mary Kay Under Eye Corrector
  • Mary Kay Perfecting Concealer - Light Ivory
  • Youngblood Pressed Mineral Rice Setting Powder - Light
  • The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer

  • Blinc Eyeshadow Primer - Light Tone
  • Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix Eyeshadow Palette - Skulls, Lyric, Strutter, Dark Wave, Black Metal and Echo
  • Stila Lash Stunner Extreme Lash Primer
  • Make Up For Ever Excessive Lash Mascara

  • Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter
  • Mirabella The Brow Pencil - Dark

hannah wears the blues review + eotd (5)

The look is a mix of soft neutrals with a pop of colour- in this case blue. I had the idea of something reminiscent to a watercolour bleed, aka when you let colours merge on a wet surface so they intermingle and create a soft focus thing of beauty. While I chose blue shadows, this look can easily be adapted to any shade you want for a soft pop. I also did a blogger no-no and used a limited edition palette that is no longer available, but these shades aren't overly unique and easily dupe-able.

hannah wears the blues review + eotd (1)

Start the eyes with primer, the a wash of Lyric (ivory) all over the lid. A dot of Skulls (shimmering off-white) on the inner corner to brighten, an essential step if you're wearing glasses as the frames and lenses create shadows. A pop of something lighter and/or shimmery always helps keep eyes looking open and bright. Up next, Strutter (light beige-tan) on the mobile lid as our main neutral and smudged on the lower lash-line.

Now we're into colour! With a small/tapered fluffy brush- I like the Real Techniques Duo-Fibre Eye Brush- start applying layers of your colours to the outer corner. I used Dark Wave (medium blue) Echo (indigo) and Dark Wave (black). The fluffy brush lets you slowly build colour for a watercolour-esque feel. Once you've built up your colour, use a damp beauty sponge, or cotton pad with makeup remover to clean up any fall-out and give the outer edge and upward swept shape. Then smudge a bit of Echo and Dark Wave on the outer lower lash line and blended it up into the corner.

hannah wears the blues review + eotd (6)

The look is finished off with black liquid liner (with cat-flick) and mascara. Liquid liner is your BFF if you wear glasses as it really defines the eyes from everything else going on and adds contrast to make them look bigger behind frames.

If you've got long lashes or frames that sit close to the face, be extra sure to curl lashes and use a long-wearing/waterproof mascara to ensure it doesn't transfer to your lenses or flake all over your face. I love the Stila Lash Stunner Lash Primer before mascara as it holds curl like no other, and creates a budge-proof base for mascara. Also, the new Make Up For Ever Excessive Lash Mascara... Get a tube! It gives great length and definition with the perfect amount of volume.

If you're new to the whole makeup and glasses thing, it's also good to know that concealer is also your buddy. Of course, it hides dark circles and unwanted bits, but it's also great for counteracting shadows created by your frames/lenses. Using a brightening shade on your under eye extended to wear your glasses stop works to brighten anywhere the shadows hit. A great setting powder is also a must, as under eye creasing can be amplified more through your lenses.

When it comes down to wearing makeup and glasses, it's really all about doing what you love. Knowing a few little tricks can help, but don't be afraid to rock what you want. I am definitely loving these Hannah frames and am pretty sure they won't be my last from What do you think? If you wear glasses, do you alter your makeup or wear whatever you want?

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