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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Matte Lips Made Easy | Highlight Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick

highlight liquid lipstick in desert mirage (2)
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I love matte lips. Partly because I like the matte look and partly (and maybe even more so) because they tend to last longer than other finishes. I'm not one to spend a lot of time reapply lip colour. When it comes to the ultimate long-lasting matte lip, it's liquid lipstick I reach for. Now, they don't all have to be matte, but matte is so much better. Budge-proof, transfer-proof wear makes me happy. But, there is a darker side to the matte lip life... Dryness. You know the sandpaper, sucked in, dry as hell feel. It's a major bummer when it strikes, but there is an answer. It comes in the form of Highlight Cosmetics and their incredible Liquid Lipsticks.

Highlight Cosmetics have made a pretty impeccable liquid lipstick. Why? Because it loves lips and doesn't dry them out, like at all. Even some of my most used and most loved liquid lipsticks can leave my lips feeling a little dry, but the Highlight Metallic Matte Liquid Lipstick I've been using is incredibly easy on lips. The formula has a light feel, with great opaque coverage in one coat that doesn't strip lips of moisture. The formula contains a natural infusion of turmeric, green tea, white tea, sea kelp, and a benefit peptide to leave lips feeling soft and smooth. Along with being cruelty-free, paraben-free, and gluten-free, the lipsticks have the stay-all-day wear one expects with a matte liquid lipstick.

I absolutely love the shade I have and how easily it wears. Desert Mirage is one of four metallic shade in the range and it's a stunning rosy bronze. The metallic sheen isn't too glitzy, but gives a really pretty glow to lips. How can you not love this colour?! Unlike some liquid lipsticks that begin to flake off as the day passes, this stays nicely intact until you're ready to remove (unless you eat something oily, that is.) The finish also stays comfortable- a soft, velvety feel- without getting tacky.

Overall, you really can't miss with these lipsticks! If you tend to avoid liquid lipsticks due to dryness issues, these are the formula to try. What do you think? Have your tried these? What are your favourite liquid lipsticks?

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