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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Natural Choice with Delia Organics

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Happy Monday Tuesday, blog fans! I had great intentions of getting this post out yesterday, but I was just too draggy (you know the feeling.) I am much more energized today, which is great because we have an amazing assortment of skincare to chat about. I've spent the last few months using a Delia Organics routine and am ready to give you the 411. The brand is based in British Columbia (go, Canada!) and offers cruelty-free, organic skincare with options to suit a variety of skincare concerns. I've been using products from the Dose of C range and a delightfully scented mask. You'll need to read on to for more though...

I mentioned I've been using the Dose of C range, which I have. as it is loaded with vitamin C and works well with skin that needs brightening, and a more even tone and texture. Starting at the start with the Dose of C Cleanser. This cleanser is instantly impressive as it contains no water, and instead uses Delia Organic's proprietary herbal infusion and organic aloe vera. It also includes 15% vitamin C which acts as a great free radical fighter and skin brightener. I love that the cleanser leaves skin feeling deeply cleansed, but is gentle and non-stripping. Oh, and you can eve use this on your body, for double-duty goodness.

The Dose of C Lotion is perfect when paired with the rest of the range, as it too is water-free, and contains aloe and the herbal infusion along with 15% vitamin C- see the theme?- Shea butter, jojoba oil, green tea and vitamin B5 are also in the mix. The lotion works to brighten skin, reduce fine line and wrinkles, while improving skin texture for a smoother, softer, more radiant look/feel. The lotion has a rich feel when first applied, but isn't heavy feeling ans absorbs easily with no residue or film. I love that it moisturizes really thoroughly but is still light weight. I used this during very warm/humid weather and still found it completely comfortable.

When it comes to vitamin C, serums are my favourite way to apply them. The Dose of C Serum contains a very generous dose of 18% vitamin C with aloe and the herbal infusion. The light serum is great for all skin types and works to brighten skin and reduce discolouration, add radiance, and reduce the look of lines and wrinkles while also providing anti-inflammatory properties. I especially love that the serum is formulated with hylauronic acid to aid in moisture retention as well.

delia organics restore treatment (2)delia organics restore treatment (1)

In the evenings, I took a break from the Dose of C Lotion and swapped in the Restore Treatment Oil. The Restore Treatment Oil is a hydrating, conditioning, and restoring oil that uses grape seed, avocado, macadamia seed, jojoba and Tamanau oils and Noni. The various oils all serve specific functions, but main properties of the oils include a potent dose of antioxidants which help diminish the appearance of sun damage and reduce free radical damage with reparaitve and restorative properties. The light weight oil also works to repair skin via fatty acids, that restore the layers of skin with nourishing hydration. I love that this oil absorbs easily and isn't anything other than skin-loving oils. It is deeply hydrating and one little pipette full is all I need for my whole face and neck.

delia organics berry buffing masque (1)delia organics berry buffing masque (2)

And what just might be the best for last... The Berry Buffing Masque! What exactly makes a mask a masque, I'm not so sure, but I do enjoy this one. The Berry Buffing Masque greets you with it's sweet and a bit tart, candy-like scent- it's pretty great! The mask ahem masque is packed with skin-loving ingredients with a focus on the antioxidant rich berry blend of organic cranberry, blueberry, and green tea. With the added hyaluronic acid, Tamanu, seabuckthorn oil and glycolic acid, the mask works to detoxify, fight free radical damage, increase moisture, and smooth and soften skin.

The mask is applied in a thick layer and left to sit for 15-20 minutes. I found it tingled a bit, but wasn't painful or uncomfortable. When rinsed, the mask leaves skin super smooth, lightly hydrated, and generally just happier. I love that the mask doesn't dry down fully and is easily rinsed off. Oh, and it's great for all skin types!

Overall, I've loved my experience using Delia Organics. I'm impressed at the care that goes into each item in terms of active ingredients and the benefits they have on skin. I especially like that the products are effective and I can see the results in my skin. What do you think? Do you seek out more natural/organic products? Tried this brand?

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