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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Eating Made Easy | Miss Fresh Meal Subscription Service

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We're taking a little break from holiday releases for something that never ends... life. Okay, it does, but that wasn't exactly what I meant. I was meaning the everyday life and seemingly never ending list of stuff one is supposed to get done in a mere 24 hours. Oh, and on top of that you're probably going to have to feed yourself. Ugh. Miss Fresh is a meal subscription service that wants to take one less item off your to-do list. Actually, they do a few time saving jobs, but again, you get the point.

miss fresh meal subscription service (2)Inside the box

Miss Fresh is a Canadian (based in Montreal) meal subscription service that takes all the work out of meal planning. They plan your menus, shop for your ingredients, measure and pre-prep, pack everything up and ship it to your door. All you have to do is cook it (all recipes take 30 minutes or less to prep and cook) and eat. Okay, you're on the hook for the dishes, but if you're lucky you can pawn them off on someone.

Miss Fresh offers a range of meal and snack options (like vegetarian, low calorie, custom, and standard) so you can control exactly what you receive. There are no commitment, so you're not forced to purchase a set amount of boxes when you subscribe. You can order every week, once a month, or whenever. It's a great option for when life is particularly stressful as it does save a ton of time and effort.

I was sent the Chef Box, which is the Miss Fresh standard option, with two meals of four servings. You can customize all boxes depending on how many meals and servings you want. The particular box I received works out to $9.79 per portion or $78.32 all said and done. I did the math, and it's a bit more than if I was to shop for the ingredient myself, but much less than eating out.

So, how does Miss Fresh work? Once you decide on your plan and servings, your food is packed up and shipped to you. My box arrived via FedEx, and was packed with impeccable care. The items for each recipe are packaged together, with protein packed in the bottom portion of the box between two large ice packs. My meals contained fish and poultry and both were extremely cold when they arrived at about 3 in the afternoon. Their insulated boxes are designed to stay cold for hours after shipping, so you're guaranteed safe, fresh, and cold meat and vegetables. Other than a too ripe avocado, everything was in pristine shape.

miss fresh meal subscription service (4)miss fresh meal subscription service (5)Run Down Codfish

Each recipe comes with a large card detailing what the meal is and what it should look like. On the reverse, you find the full recipe breakdown- how to prep for 2 or 4 servings, step by step instructions with photos, and nutritional info.

As Mentioned, the ingredients for each meal are bagged together and fully labeled making it almost impossible to make a mistake. Okay, honesty time... I did accidentally use all of my scallions in my fish dish when I was supposed to save half for the orzo salad. I did say it was almost impossible. Anyway, the Run Down Codfish was the first meal I cooked. Miss Fresh recommends cooking fish first for optimal freshness, which only makes sense. While cod isn't a fish I would normally buy (for environmental reasons) the dish was really good. It was simple, but full of flavour and not something I would have cooked on my own. Aside from choosing a different variety of fish, I will definitely cook this again.

miss fresh meal subscription service (3)miss fresh meal subscription service (6)Chicken Fajitas

My second Miss Fresh meal is a classic with a little twist (for me, anyway) with Chicken Fajitas. The twist is the corn in the veggie mix (red onion and pepper) and Monterrey Jack cheese. I can't say I've ever put cheese on a fajita... I skipped the avocado that was meant to go with these, as I kind of hate them (okay, I totally do) and the one sent was way too ripe by the time I was ready to use it (the day after the box arrived.) The fajitas were great, but realty, they aren't too difficult to put together.

Overall, I'm really happy with my Miss Fresh experience. I was quite curious as to the whole meal subscription service thing, and my experience with Miss Fresh has made it something I would definitely consider using again. Sure, it's a little bit more expensive than doing it all yourself, but once you factor in the time it would take you to prep your meal plan, shop (and the money for gas/travel) it's really well worth what you pay for. What do you think? Have you ever tried a service like this? Want to?

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