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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Mega Metals | Avon Fall 2016

avon mega metals collection fall 2016::: press sample / affiliate links :::

It's fall (you knew that though...) and with fall there are a few givens- pumpkin spice everything, jewel tones, and metallics. It's just the way things are. Avon is in on these facts and as such, has launched a little collection of limited edition, shimmering, metallic goodness for the eyes and nails.

A metallic cream shadow? Yes, please! The Mega Metals Cream Eyeshadows look pretty promising in their cute little post. The four new shades include Silver Metallic (grey-silver shimmer) Rose Metallic (pink with golden shimmer), Plum Metallic (dirty brown-plum), and Copper Metallic (khaki-copper with copper shimmer).

Looking promising is really all you get with these. Sure, they're not the worst, but they aren't so hot either. I found the formula to be quite firm (even when you dig into them) and the pigmentation to be weak. Rose Metallic was the worst offender, with a sheer payoff even when layered. Plum Metallic is the best shade, as it's much more pigmented, opaque, and applies evenly. Copper Metallic has more pigment, but is uneven and doesn't blend so well. The upside is that the formula does set, and as such wears pretty well on lids.

avon mega metals eyeliner chrome metallic (1)avon mega metals eyeliner chrome metallic (2)

A pop of metallic liner is always in fashion, an unlike the less than stellar shadows, the Mega Metals Eyeliner has an impressive formula. The collection actually features two shades Gilded Metallic (metallic gold) and Chrome Metallic (metallic silver) but I ended up with two Chrome pencils. The formula is super smooth, nicely pigmented, and has a great metallic sheen.

Avon Mega Metals nailwear pro + gold dust green sheen (3)

Avon Mega Metals nailwear pro + gold dust

Avon Mega Metals nailwear pro + green sheen

Last up, nails. A set of metallic talons is made easy with the Mega Metals Nailwear Pto+ shades Gold Dust and Green Sheen. Gold Dust is a soft, molten gold shade with silvery shimmer while Green Sheen is a medium sage green with a silvery shot of metallic shimmer. Both shades have an easy, smooth formula that lacks the brush stroke issue that plaques many metallic polishes. The formula is nicely opaque, and almost perfect with one coat, but I did find two were needed.

Overall, a few great metallic options,  although, I do suggest giving the cream shadows a pass. What do you think? Are you a fan of metallic hues?

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