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Friday, December 30, 2016

Best 16 of 2016 | A Year in Reviews

best of 2016

It's almost over... 2016 that is. I think most are ready to see it go, but before it does, I thought it would be fun to see what the year that was looked like in beauty. I took a peek at my analytics to see what you lovely lot read most out of my 2016 content.It's an interesting mix, and I have to say I was surprised to see what came out on top.

best of 2016 row 1

1. L'Occitane Women's Day Solidarity Balm
The most read post of 2016! I was a bit surprised this pst was the winner, but the rose scented shea butter balm is a little multi-tasker that works to hydrate all the things (lips, cuticles, elbows...) and gives back.

2 Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lipstick
Did you try these? I can't say I was a fan of their scent of the fact that they really weren't matte. Not the best option from Maybelline.

3. New hair with Colour Oops, Spat & Manic Panic
I changed up my colour last year to a mermaid-y green and blue. I walked you through the process that included a few new to me products (and my old stand by, Manic Panic)

4. Snack Smarter with Snack Break Subscription Service
Who doesn't love snacks? I chatted up Snack Break, the Canadian service that delivers smarter snacks (all organic, naturally sourced, and high protein) right to your home or office.

best of 2016 row 2

5. Essie Fall 2016
This collection is gorgeous, and a bit more unique than your average fall lineup. The lighter shades transition well into winter as well.

6. Nanshy Fan Brush
Full, fluffy, and oh-so soft, this fan brush is unlike any others I've tried. Plus, the option of a white pearl finish handle makes it a bit different than the typical black.

7. Love With Food Deluxe Box
Snacks again. I like your style. Love With Food now ships in Canada and is a great option for better-for-you snacks delivered right to your door.

8. OPI Washington, D.C Fall/Winter Collection
Fall polishes garnered the most views, with this large and in charge OPI collection being right in the middle. The collection is home to a bevvy of deep, dark hues and classically autumnal options.

best of 2016 row 3
9. Michael Todd Sonic Blend
The makeup brush of the future? Possibly. While it hasn't become my daily makeup application tool, it is a worthy brush for any collection.

10. Vichy Normaderm
You probably know I love Vichy, and by the looks of things, a lot of you do too. The Normaderm range is home to a pretty great BB, especially if you've got acne prone skin.

11. Everything Eyes with Arbonne
As the name implies, this post is about the eyes with new additions to the arbonne makeup range including shadows, liners, primer, and brow pencils.

12. LA Splash Forbidden Kiss Collection Velvet Matte Liquid Lipsticks
I'm actually surprised more liquid lipstick posts didn't make the top 16, but LA Splash was the only one.

best of row 4

13. Shiseido Cleanse & Firm
For the amount of skincare I feature, not many made the top 16 cut. This duo from Shiseido did though, and they're well worth the space in your stash.

14. Mary Kay Gel Semi-Matte Lipstick
MK knows lipsticks, and the recently launched matte range is pretty much perfection.

15. Essence How-to-Make Makeup Boxes
Shadows and brows made nude, bright, smokey, and well, better with these cute little palette kits that also happen to be easy on the ol' budget.

16. OPI Soft Shades Collection 2016
A collection of soft rainbow hues is pretty hard to pass up. The 2016 Soft Shades offer up perfectly muted shades for any season.

And, that is that; the most read posts of 2016. Did you have any beauty faves that made the cut? What did you love in 2016?
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