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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

House of Lashes X Sephora Lash Story Deluxe | Holiday 2016

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Hands up if you're a faux lash addict? I, am not. I will admit that applying them takes me more effort than it should. When I do get them applied well, I end up with one half of the strip popping off. But, I still try, as practice should make, well maybe not perfect, but at least better. Right? When applied well, a pair of faux lashes open the eye and give you instant 'wow'. That's exactly what you can expect with House of Lashes X Sephora Lash Story Deluxe. 

House of Lashes has teamed up with Sephora this year and released a collaboration with three Sephora exclusive lash deigns (more on those in a moment) and the very deluxe, Lash Story Deluxe. Lash Story Deluxe is a book-like case (it's so cute! check out the detail on the spine) filled with ten sets of full-strip lashes and two mini bottles of lash adhesive.

The storage 'book' is available empty from House of Lashes ($14 USD) should you want a very cute way to store your lash collection without buying the whole set.

As mentioned, Spehora has three exclusive House of Lashes styles that are in the Lash Story Deluxe kit and available individually. The three styles offer full glam (Timeless) and medium, natural volume (Everlasting and Seductress) to amp up your holiday and everyday styles. Made with 100 percent premium natural hair, the lashes are lightweight and soft to the touch.

Of the three sets, Everlasting is my favourite, as they have a more fluttery look that I find blends well with my natural lashes. They give a lot of length, but not so much that I can't still wear my glasses.

If you're going to dabble with lashes, you're obviously going to need some glue. The Lash Story comes with two mini bottles of the HOL Eyelash Adhesive in Clear and Deep. The little bottles have brush on applicators so applying the glue is a clean easy process. As I mentioned, I usually suffer from an area on lashes that just doesn't want to stick (every damn time) but I didn't have that when I tested this glue. It could be a one off experience, or this could just be the best glue ever made... Who knows, but so far it's a major hit with me.

Aside from the Sephora exclusive lashes, all of the lashes in the Lash Story Deluxe are available as individuals or in sets from House of Lashes. The Boudoir, Noir Fairy, and Iconic lashes (individually $12 USD) are some of the most popular from HOL, with Noir Fairy being one of their top sellers. It features a multi-layered design which is the fullest style available from HOL. They are not for the lash-shy. The kit also includes Pixie Luxe, Siren, Smokey Muse, and Mon Cheri.

Overall, this is an investment, but an incredible way to stock your lash collection. I would have liked to see a few more demure, more everyday options, as a lot of these are for more dramatic looks. That said, Siren ($9 USD) is a nice everyday option, as they are only half banded and shorter (great for glasses!) I haven't tested many of these styles yet, but I'm sure you'll see them pop up in posts over the next year. What do you think? Could your lash collection use a boost? Do you have a favourite lash style?

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