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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Gift of Great Sound | Sudio Vasa Blå Earphones

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Beauty gifts are awesome, but sometimes they just aren't the right fit. Not everyone can be so easy to shop for. Shopping for the person who has everything can be difficult, unless you consider headphones (or earbuds, earphones, whatever you like to call them.) Think about it, what soulless person doesn't like some sort of music? Most everyone can get down to something. This is the perfect time for Sudio. Sudio are the makers of some seriously goo looking headphones, with a variety of options to please anyone on your list. 

sudio vasa bla earphones 

I know what you may be thinking, "is she meaning Studio? Did she forget the 'T'?" No. Although I did think the brand was studio at first too. The name should make you think of Phil Collins Sussudio, as the creator of Sudio had a chance encounter with him. Phil was having difficulties with his headphones and the creator wanted to be able to provide a better option. And he did.

The Sudio Vasa Blå Earphones come is a sleek white box, which opens to reveal two smaller boxes. One holds the earphones, while the second is home to extra ear pads (for sizing to get the perfect fit), a clip, leather storage pouch, USB charger, user manual, quick start guide, and user certificate. 

sudio vasa bla earphones (4)
sudio vasa bla earphones (2)

The Sudio Vasa Blå Earphones are wireless, if you couldn't tell, and connect to your devices (phone, computer, tablet, etc.) via 4.1 Bluetooth. For use in non-Bluetooth enabled devices, a dongle is your best bet. I use one so I can use wireless headphones on my old well loved iPod. They usually average about $10. The wireless design is perfect for on the go, and if you're using them on your phone, double as a headset/mic with hands free controls on the side of the cord. The charging port is also hidden away with protective cover. The charging process is quick, and these hold a charge for eight hours of use (twice as long as other wireless headphones I've used) and will retain a charge for up to ten days when stored.

Speaking of storing, they also come with their own leather storage pouch, which is great for keeping the earphones tangle free in your bag. I have the Rose Gold White colour, which features all white headphone (and pouch) with rose gold detailing on the ear. They're very good looking earphones. If white isn't for you, black, pink, and blue are also available.

sudio vasa bla earphones (5)

So, the important part- how do they sound? Pretty good! I've been using these exclusively for the last couple weeks and am very happy with the sound quality. You can crank the volume and not loose any quality or experience any distortion. The in-ear fit allows you to keep you music to yourself as well, with no sound leakage. You're free to listen to whatever you want without judgements.

Overall, I am very happy with these earphones! The overall design and quality is exceptional, but my favourite feature is that one charge gives eight hours of use. There is little worse than having your headphones die mid-day. Sudio is offering 15% off any purchases with the code bailey15, which means you can gift everyone on your list. Sudio has a range of over the ear headphones and in-ear earbuds at various price-points, meaning there is something for all. Add free gift packaging and express shipping (until Dec. 18th) and it's a win-win. What do you think? Could you use new headphones?Know anyone who would love to unwrap a new set?

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