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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Yum-Tastic Scents | LUSH Holiday 2016

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Things are sweetly scented today! I've got a few of this year's Lush Holiday offerings, and everything smells incredible. Yum-tastic even. Let's get right to the good, shall we?

lush holiday 2016 sugar plum fairy lip scrub

I think I've tried all of Lush's lip scrub varieties, but the new Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub may be the best. The blackcurrant scent/taste is quite impressive, and not very usual. You just don't see blackcurrant anything very often. The scrub works nicely to buff away dead skin cells and prep lips prior to balm or lipstick.

lush holiday 2016 sleepy hand and body lotion

I am not super well versed on all of the Lush signature scents, but thanks to Sleepy Hand and Body Lotion, I now know I am a total fan of Twilight. The Lush scent, that is. Sleepy has the same incredibly lavender and tonka scent as the Twilight bah bomb and it's perfect for relaxing before bed or when you need a second of me time. The sweet scent lingers nicely on skin while the oatmeal infusion, almond oil, cocoa and illipe butter formula hydrate and nourish. I LOVE this moisturizer and it's even better as you only need the smallest amount.

lush holiday 2016 shoot for the stars bath bomb

Shoot for the Stars has a new look this year. While it still has the warm honey-like scent, the white shooting star has been replaced by three gold coated stars set in a bold blue bomb. The stars not only add a glittering swirl when popped into the tub, but they happen to be bath melts that give skin an extra does of hydration thanks to cocoa nutter, almond oil, and coconut cream. This was already a favourite of mine, but the addition of the moisture melts makes it so much better!

lush holiday 2016 magic wand bubble bar

What's pink, glittery, and cotton candy and bubble gum scented? The Magic Wand, of course. The super cute star shaped wand features a re-useable bubble bar for a tub of candy land bubbles. I'll admit that I don't love the bubble gum scent (it's the Snow Fairy scent, if it sounds familiar) but I definitely get the appeal.

You really can't miss with Lush holiday products, as they always bring back customer favourites with the new launches. Do you have any Lush faves? Tried anything new this year?

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