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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Everything You Need For Fabulous Brows | Full Brow

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The brow. So good when it all goes well, but do sad (and even scary) when things don't quite work out. I was lucky and never went through a tweezer obsession in my younger years, but not all brows were so lucky. A moment of silence for the follicles forever damaged...  Most of us need a bit of help achieving our dream brows and for that there are brow-centric brands like Full Brow. The name alone is a friendly sign that better brow days are ahead.

full brow brow powder dark brow wax

Almost every brow can benefit from a bit of filling in, and the Full Brow Brow Powder offers a customizable look. The smooth, pigmented powder can give a subtle or bold look but retains a natural effect. While it obviously fills in sparse areas, it also has a volumizing effect. The shade Dark works perfectly on my naturally black brows without being too warm or overly brown. It will be a great shade for a large range of brunettes through to raven haired individuals. I flip flop between brow shades depending on my hair colour, but this is a shade that will work with any time.

For the longest lasting brow, and to keep any unrulies in place, a brow wax is your bff. The Full brow Brow Wax is clear and works perfectly to keep your brows on your face and in place all day. It can be applied before (best for dry skin or those looking for a bolder effect) or after brow powder and locks everything in place without disturbing your coloured product.

full brow brow brush

Applying products requires some sort of tool though, with Full Brow has covered with their Brow Brush. The double ended brush features a spoolie and angled brush for all your brow grooming needs. The angled brush is the perfect size for filling in brows (not too small, but not too large- it's a fine balance, y'all) and picks up the brow powder nicely. Some brushes re too soft and don't grab product, or are to firm and jut cut into it. What I'm getting at, is that this is a great brush for your stash.

full brow highlighter in neutral

With brows filled and set the finishing touch is a bit of illumination (aka highlight.) The Full Brow Highlighter is a handy multi-use pencil that can be drawn on and blended out for a touch of sheen. The pencil has a neutral shade that will suit most skin tones and offers a pretty glow without being sparkly.

full brow brow powder highlighter swatch

Overall, you really can't go wrong with Full Brow. They also offer a brow pencil and eye cream at present for the full brow and eye love routine. What do you think? Could your brow routine use a few new products? Tried anything from Full Brow?

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