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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Nothing but New with Make Up For Ever

make up for ever nothing but new
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It's a kind of in between time  when it comes to beauty collections. Winter/holiday is behind us, but it's still just a smidge too early for spring collections to really start popping up. Luckily, Make Up For Ever is always thinking of us and has a few new releases to get us through. Today we're chatting up the new Pro Sculpting Brow Palette, High Precision Lip Pencil, and Artist Acrylip Lip Paints.

make up for ever pro sculpting brow palette (2)make up for ever pro sculpting brow palette (1)

Brow first, yeah? The Pro Sculpting Brow Palette is the perfect way to take your wardrobe of brow products on the go conveniently. The small palette is home to three brow shades, a clear brow wax, cream highlight, and a brush/spoolie. Complete with a mirror, the palette is smaller than I expected but perfect for tossing in a makeup bag.

The palette comes in two shade combos: Harmony 2 for deep brown to black hair and Harmony 1 for blonde to deep brown hair. I was sent Harmony 1, which is just barely dark enough for my naturally black brows. The darkest shade does fill in my brows pretty well when applied over the wax (as MUFE suggests) but I could use something a little bit darker for more definition. The powders are wet/dry and if used prior to wax offer lightener pigmentation. Used after you get more out of them for a more intense effect.

I don't love that the highlight is cream though... While it works well to brighten under brows, the powders kick up some dust and it ends up falling in the cream. Also, the highlight is only offered in one shade. It's said to be universal, but I really can't see it working for deeper skin tones.

make up for ever high precision lip pencil 20 40 (1)make up for ever high precision lip pencil 20 40 (2)

Years ago I never would have reached for a lip liner. I associated them with an older crowd, but I and it seems the beauty crowd in general, have come to love lip liners. The High Precision Lip Liners come in a range of neutral based shades to define and shape lips. I love that the range has neutral tones, meaning one liner will work with a multitude of lipstick shades.

Unlike some liners that feel stiff and dry, these glide easily on lips and don't leave them drier than dry. They do need to be sharpened, but the formula isn't so soft that you waste a ton of product in the process. 

Also new for the lips, the super fun Artist Acrylips Lip Paints. The gloss meets lipstick is similar to a liquid lipstick (sans the matte dry-down) with a ton of pigment, a bit of shine, and a really comfortable feel.

Housed in a squeezy tube with a felted tip for precise application, these offer a customizable finish. Apply a little for a satin finish or apply a bit more for a more glossy look. I found the bolder shades also stained lips which gave them an even longer wear time.

The shade range is rather small with just ten shades, but you can mix the for your own custom shades too. You can see my mix above (the raspberry-fushia) that combines all three shades. The shades are all rather bright and bold or deep and vivid which is great, but it would be nice to see a neutral or nude selection added too because the formula is so easy to wear.

Of the current shades (she says hoping more are released) I have 200 Candy Pink, a bright light pink, 500 Lilac, a bold lavender, and 401 Raspberry Red, a vivid blue based red. I find the swatches online (Sephora and MUFE) and in the viewing window look darker than the actual shades which are actually brighter and lighter.

Overall, some excellent additions to the MUFE family. I didn't expect to love the lip paints, but I really do and hope they expand the shade selection. I can see those who are fans of the Too Faced Melted lipsticks really liking these as there are definite similarities. What do you think? Tried any of these products or want to?

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