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Friday, January 27, 2017

Pearlesque Box | February 2017 Red Flower

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As it has a tendency to do, time has marched along and somehow February is just around the corner. With it comes a new Pearlesque Box, so I guess it's not all bad. This month features Red Flower, a skincare brand that uses natural botanicals from Finland. Read on t check it out...

If you missed my last Pearlesque Box posts, and are wondering what it's all about, I suggest checking one out (here). It features a bit more info as to what you can expect with a Pearlesque Box subscription (like only organic, and natural products, and a focus on full size products- no wimpy samples) If you're ready... 
 'Red Flower is a New York City based skincare brand that sources their ingredients from Finland. It's a natural lifestyle company, known for creating botanical beauty that transforms simple moments into deeply therapeutic experiences through the power of aromatherapy, rich textures, and the finest potent, pure certified organic and all-natural ingredients and formulas. Red Flower practices sustainable sourcing direct from farmers and produces in micro-batches at a privately owned facility to ensure freshness and the highest quality.'

pearlesque box february red flower (2)Red Flower Illuminating Rose Collagen Renewal Face Serum 1 fl. oz $86 USD

The big ticket portion of the box comes in the form of Red Flower Illuminating Rose Collagen Renewal Face Serum. The formula works to boost circulation and plump skin with whole rose essential oil concentrate, omega 3, 6, and 9, elegiac acid, and an antioxidant rich berry complex. 

I haven't had much time to use this, but the oil based serum is delightful. It has a thicker texture, but absorbs well into damp skin leaving it hydrated, plumped, and happy.

pearlesque box february red flower (1)Red Flower Arctic Berry Cloud Milk Cream 50 gr $7

The other items in this month's box are all travel size, but as Pearlesque Box doesn't believe in small samples, they are all very generously sized. Like the Red Flower Arctic Berry Cloud Milk Cream. The light textured cream nourishes, protects, and hydrates skin with rare and precious cloudberry. Cloudberry brings softening and fatty acids and anti-oxidizing vitamins to the party. Need more? Aloe, apricot oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, and birch bud extract also make an appearance.

pearlesque box february red flower (4)Red Flower Active Organic Milk Forest Purifier 32.5 ml $7 USD | Red Flower Lymphatic Phytopower Sea Cleanser & Masque 32.5 ml $7 USD

Facial cleaning is covered with the the Active Organic Milk Forest Purifier. The oil based cleanser/treatemnt uses raw cold-pressed cloudberry oil which is high in omega 3 and omega 6 faty acids and anti-oxidants. The cleanser not only cleanses but also nourishes, diminishes the appearance of age spots and improve overall skin tone, and reduces inflammation.

The second cleansing option comes in the form of the Red Flower Lymphatic Phytopower Sea Cleanser & Masque. The product works to improve texture and tone of skin while gently cleansing thanks to the formula that features vitamin rich marine plants, Arctic white peat, algae extract, aloe, chaga mushrooms, juniper berry oil and grapeseed oil.

Overall, a brand I'm excited to get to know. I love that Pearlesque Box aids in discovering something you may have otherwise never found. A monthly subscription to Pearlesque Box will set you back $39.95 (free shipping within the USA, international shipping is an additional fee.) You're pretty much guaranteed to get much more for your money- this month's box has a value of $107 USD. To receive this month's box, subscribe here by February 2nd and use code BAILEY15 to save 15% on your first order.

Pearlesque Box is now offering 3, 6, and 12 month options along with electronic gift cards that can be used in their store or on subscription purchases. What do you think? Do you or have you subscribed to Pearlesque Box? Tried anything from Red Flower?

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