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Friday, February 24, 2017

Maquillage Naturel avec Maison Jacynthe

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Joyeux vendredi, admirateurs des blogs! Aujourd'hui nous avons quelque chose d'un peu différent... Le Francais! Kidding. My French skills are not nearly sharp enough for a full French post (although, I have been doing my mostly-daily lessons with DuoLingo and Rosetta Stone.) We will be chatting up a French-Canadian brand though. I was very excited about the chance to feature Maison Jacynth, as they're not only Canadian, but they specialize in natural and organic products (skincare, beauty, and home) free of undesirable things like chemicals, petroleum by-products, preservatives and synthetic fragrance.

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As mentioned, the brand has a range of small but growing makeup range (they've recently launched liquid foundation and highlighters.) All of their powders (eyeshadow, blush, bronzer, etc.) come in pan form, giving you the option to house them where ever you want. Or, you can pick up one of their compacts, as I opted to do. 

The stylish (and eco friendly) cherry wood and compacts have a sliding magnetic lid and feature magnets within so you can pop in you pans and not worry about them sliding about. I have the Large Compact, which holds two of the larger MJ pans or one and two small (shadow) pans. They also offer a medium compact (perfect for one larger pan, or two shadows) and a small (for one shadow.)

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To fill my palette (partially...) I have the Powder Compact in Light Beige. Now, the range only has two beige shades, and this one runs a bit dark, so a lot of tones are left out. It's a shame, as the formula is really great. As mentioned, the shade is a bit darker than I need, but it blends so seamlessly on skin, I can pretty much make it work. The 100% organic powder formulated with coffee extracts, babassu butter, macadamia, and apricot oils and is silky smooth. It doesn't feel dry on skin or accentuate dryness, and is a perfect powder option for drier skin types. It gives skin a gorgeous, natural-satin finish that wears beautifully all day without disappearing completely.

A pop of colour, is what you seek? Not quite sure why that came out like that, but let's roll with it. Maison Jacynthe Lipstick is changing my opinion of coral with their aptly named Coral Lipstick. It's not that I don't like coral lips, I love them... On someone else. I just never care for them much on myself. That said, 08 Coral is a bit more pink based and so pretty with a medium-opacity and hint of shine.

Housed in a sleek metal tube with cherry wood cap, it gives eco-chic yet super stylish vibes. The insides are 100% natural (the red shade rings in at 93% natural, btw)  and formulated with candelilla wax to give a smooth texture and prevent any dryness on lips and abyssinian oil to enhance the colur and provide a longer-lasting wear. The lipstick has a light scent, that I was unable to identify, but is actually goji and has a light sweetness.

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Overall, some excellent products! I have been really pleased with what I've tired thus far and can see myself trying more (hello, skincare!) If you're trying to add more natural beauty bits to your routine, I definitely recommend looking into Maison Jacynthe. What do you think? Tried this brand or interested in any of these products?

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