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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Mess-Free Nail Art (almost) | Born Pretty Nail Art Stamping Mat

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I would never be able to hack it as a full-time nail blogger. For one, I break off essential swatching nails far too frequently, but also because it's a ton of time. One can easily spend hours creating tiny masterpieces, Sure, the out come may be enviable, but I'm just going to end up chipping it a day later. That said, I still dabble in nail art from time to time, because it is fun to get a little creative. I never fully embraced stamping until I learned about reverse stamping (total game changer!) and the process of stamping onto something to make what are basically decals for your nails. It's a pretty easy process, but the colouring stage can get a bit messy. Born Pretty Store (aka home of everything nail art) has a very simple solution...

The Nail Art Stamping Mat! Behold.... A place-mat sized/shaped area (sized 21 x 25 cm) to get your mess on. It's a frosted clear silicone mat that gives you ample space to stamp, create faux marbles, lay out your shades, whatever you fancy. You can leave polish to dry on the mat and lift it with ease to apply to your nail (perfect for decal making) and any unwanted polish is easily picked off or wiped away with a bit of polish remover. Even better, when you're not using the mat, is rolls up and stores in its own tube.

The sides of the mat have nail shaped areas, which are perfect if you want to create free-hand patterns painted designs. They give you the general ides of your nail shape to allow for sizing, as it's easy to forget exactly how small nails are once you get into the swing of things. It's pretty much perfect for all of your nail art needs.

If you're going to be stamping, you're going to need a stamper (obviously.) While reverse stamping (wherein you stamp your image onto something then fill in areas) means you don't need to be as exact as you would if you were stamping directly onto the nail, a clear stamper makes things so much easier. The Clear Marshmallow Jelly Stamper is crystal clear through the jelly stamping head all the way through the handle. This allows you to see the entire stamping process and have total control of where you image ends up be it on your nail or onto something like a stamping mat.

The stamper is of the newer-school style, and has a tacky feel that means you don't have to work quite as quickly to get a good stamp. The texture releases cleaner on the nail and allows you to roll the stamper over the nail more smoothly than the firmer stamp heads. It also comes with a frosted plastic scraper which is gentler on your plates and won't scratch them like the metal styles can. Plus the smooth edge is much easier to get clean compared to the metal style with plastic handle (ahem Konad.)

Born Pretty always has great options for your nail art needs, but these two products are must haves for anyone looking to get creative with their polish. If you're going to be needing these (or any other bits) from Born Pretty Store, I recommend using code BMJ61 for free shipping and 10% off your order. What do you think? Could you use either the mat or stamper? Are you into nail art?

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