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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Moisture Makeover | L'Occitane Shea Butter Foaming Cleanser & Intensive Hand Balm

l'occitane moisture makeover
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Happy Valentine's Day, lovelies! We already chatted up Valentine's, so today is about another February occasion: dry winter skin. Granted, not so much an occasion as a state of being, but by the time mid-February rolls around most of use could use some added moisture. This winter has been particularly cold and snowy here (I currently have someone on my roof clearing it away) and all the cold air has left my skin drier than usual (who knew that was even possible...) L'Occitane has my back though. Well, that's not quite accurate, face and hands, as they've sent along some shea filled products to get me through the last of the cold (and beyond.)

loccitane foaming shea cleanser (1)loccitane foaming shea cleanser (2)

Anyone who has ever dealt with drier skin, knows that your cleanser can make a huge difference. The wrong cleanser sets the stage for added dryness and that tell-tale tight feeling. The usual suspects are foaming cleansers, but L'Occitane has a formula that not only foams, but also hydrates. Whaaa? The Shea Butter Foaming Cleanser is a richer take on foaming formulas that is enriched with 5% shea oil. It has a rich foam that cleanses, removed makeup, and general face guck gently but completely and rinses away cleanly leaving soft, cleansed skin minus any dryness.

loccitane shea butter intensive hand balm (1)loccitane shea butter intensive hand balm (2)

If you're like me, you can't think of L'Occitane without thinking hand cream. Their Shea Butter Hand Cream is a classic, but sometimes you need more. More moisture, more shea. They've got what you want in the Shea Butter Intensive Hand Balm. The intensive formula boasts 25% shea butter to give hands and nails (and feel, but I'm a rebel) a major moisture boost while forming a  protective film to lock it in. It nourishes dry-very dry skin with its thick, buttery texture that melts into skin.

It's not a light product in anyway, so it's not exactly ideal for on the go use. It doesn't leave hands feeling greasy or slick (you can totally snap after applying, if need be) but it does need a few minutes to really sink into skin. Once it does though, it retains moisture for hours and leaves skin feeling comfortable with no need for instant reapplication after hand washing.

I've yet to be disappointed by any L'Occitane products, but these are especially great. The shea is dry skin and sensitive skin friendly, and at this point of the year, who couldn't use a bit more moisture? What do you think? Tried wither of these products/ Do you have a favourite from L'Occitane?

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