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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Trini Girl by Nicki Minaj

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It's still winter. *Audible sigh*. I don't so much mind the cold, but the snow is... terrible. If, like me, you're dreaming of warmer days, you may want to take a little sniff of the newest Nicki Minaj fragrance, Trinit Girl. I know, celebrity scents, right? I'm not one to care much about them, but when they cross my path I'm willing to give them a test. I've been pleasantly surprised by a few (hello, Jessica Simpson Fancy) and Nicki actually has some really decent scents.

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Trini Girl is the eighth (what?!) scent from Ms. Minaj, and like the others comes in doll-like bottle. The doll head removes for scent application, if you were wondering. I like the uniqueness of the bottle, but I find the execution rather creepy (it is all too similar to a childhood fear.) This version features a coral hued bottle with gold detailing to match with the island vibes of the scent.

Paying tribute to her Trinidadian heritage, the scent evokes warm, sunny island days with exotic fruit and floral notes:
  • Top: lychee, blood orange, sorbet, and quince
  • Middle: apple blossom, cacconia accord, and dewy leaves
  • Base: white musk, and coconut cream

On the initial spritz, the scent is all fruit with the main notes melding together perfectly. The sweet, fresh fruity notes meld into the florals, that to my nose, are indistinguishable as individual notes. The slight aquatic note is evident before drying down with a creamy warmth. I find the scent takes some time to develop, so the coconut doesn't come across all that strongly, as this retains it's fruitiness. I would have like a bit more coconut, personally.

While I wouldn't wear this scent year round, it is a fun scent for warmer months or winter getaway. It's fruity without being overly cloying or too sweet and, for mid-level scent has impressive staying power. Oh, and on a slightly related note, my cat loves it. Well, she loves eating it. So, there's that. What do you think? Does this sound like a scent you'd try?

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