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Monday, March 6, 2017

New & Improved Avon True Colour

avon true colour (3)
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I'm back! I was without an internet connection for a few days (two, and yes, they were terrible) but it's back to business with a heap of new-ish products from Avon, Why new-ish? Good question. Because Avon has made a few changes to their colour products, and reformulated to include their True Colour technology/promise to extend to everything- nails, shadows, lips it's all True Colour now. There are some new shades in the mix along with shades from before the switch, and a few all new options. We've got a lot to get to so let's go...

avon true colour 8 in 1 eyeshadow palette smokey nights (1)avon true colour 8 in 1 eyeshadow palette smokey nights (2)

Starting off with something new: the True Colour 8-in-1 Eyeshadow Palette. Okay, the palette is not new, but there are three new palette options. I've said many times that Avon eyeshadows can be hit or miss, but this palette is pretty good.

Of the three new palettes, I have Smokey Nights, which features eight shimmery, metallic, and glittery shadows in a section of evening-ish shades. While pigmentation is pretty amazing with the bulk of the shades having a smooth, easy to work with texture, the palette misses the mark for me. It's not great for a one and done look. The shades aren't the most cohesive, and you're left with a lot of shimmer. You can create gorgeous looks with this, but don't expect to only use this palette.

avon true colour eyeshadow quad gilded metallics (1)avon true colour eyeshadow quad gilded metallics (2)

For a one and done eye, the True Colour Eyeshadow Quad in Gilded Metallics is a great go-to. The quads are super simple to use, as the shades are numbered, and there is diagram on the back of the palette to follow for placement. If you don't like too many shade options, or are new to shadow, these make an easy, cohesive look without any thought.

Gilded Metals features Gold Bling (pale gold pearl with fine glitter) Sand (warm taupe) Lure (antiqued gold-green) and Choco Studded (gilded brown) to create a rather neutral look, but with a shimmering, soft metallic finish. While these all have a similar satin-shimmer finish, they do work quite well together.

avon true colour eye shadow single, glimmersticks eye liner, super extend nourishing mascara  (2)

avon true colour super extend nourishing mascara (1)

avon true colour eye shadow single, glimmersticks eye liner, super extend nourishing mascara  (1)

It looks like Avon has reduced the number of shades in the True Colour Eyeshadow Single range, but you can still find some staple shades and more unique options to round out a collection. These shadows, in my experience, are all over the place quality wise, so I recommend picking them up on sale if you want to experiment with them.

The shade Midnight Sparkler is a deep blackened-blue with shimmering blue glitter within. The shadow is on the drier side, with a satin base, and doesn't do much when applied dry. That said, use with a damp brush, and you've got a stunner. The glitter pops and the blue in the base stands out (it reads pretty dull and charcoal-like when used dry.) This shade makes a gorgeous blue smokey eye.

Especially when paired with the True Colour Glimmersticks Eyeliner in Starry Night. Starry Night is a gorgeous deep navy and has an easy going formula. You're getting a ton of pigment and a fairly smooth and easy applying formula. I do find they take a moment of skin contact to glide on skin easily, but they don't feel dry or tug at eyes.

Continuing on the blue theme with the new True Colour Super Extend Nourishing Mascara in Navy. Also available in Black and Brown Black, the nourishing aspect comes from the formula fortified with argan oil, coconut oil, and vitamin e. This is a nice everyday mascara as it lengthens and doesn't get clumpy when you layer it for added volume. I love the blue shade, as it actually reads as blue on lashes.

avon true colour be blushes cheek colour blushing nude (1)avon true colour be blushes cheek colour blushing nude (2)
Avon True Colour Be Blushed Cheek Colour in Blushing Nude 4 g $11 USD / $12 CAD

Cheeks! I just realized, I don't have much experience with Avon blushes, but the True Colour Be Blushed Cheek Colour in Blushing Nude is an amazing little product. The chubby little twist up tube is home to a creamy blush with very nice pigmentation- the sweet spot of enough colour to show on most skin tones, but not so much that it's dangerous (aka clowny.) Blushing Nude is a natural nude-pink shade that blends out to give a gorgeous neutral flush to skin. I do find it fades after a few hours (4-5) if not set with powder, however.

avon true colour glazewear lip gloss nude citrus shine (1)avon true colour glazewear lip gloss nude citrus shine (2)

I think I used just about every shade of Glazewear in my youth (I was a major gloss fan) so I am always interested in seeing new shades and formulas. The True Colour Glazewear Lip Gloss feels a bit more comfortable on lips, with less tack and a lot of shine. Available in three finishes: Cream (no shimmer) Shimmer (light shimmer) and Sparkle (more intense shimmer) the glosses offer something for all.

Of the current shades available, I have Nude (shimmer) which is a sheer peachy nude with light shimmer and Citrus Shine (sparkle) a light coral with a smattering of light reflecting shimmer/glitter.

avon true colour nourishing beyond colour lipstick (2)
avon true colour nourishing beyond colour lipstick (1)

Avon has always done lipstick exceptionally well (save for the artificial fruity scent they refuse to ditch) so the recent changes make them even better. The True Colour Nourishing Lipsticks feature the addition of jojoba oil, vitamin e, collagen, and lanolin to keep lips in a perfectly hydrated state throughout wear. With opaque and pigmented shades, these lipsticks glide on with an almost balmy feel that is super comfortable. They do need to be reapplied after 3-4 hours (with no easting or drinking) but the comfort level makes it well worth it.

The True Colour Beyond Lip Colour Lipstick SPF 15 has a similar formula with the addition of jojoba oil, caffeine and pomegranate extract along with SPF 15 and a satin finish with a hint of shine.

avon true colour cuticle conditioner pro + nail enamel (1)
avon true colour cuticle conditioner pro + nail enamel (2)

Last up, nails. Cuticles are treated to a brush on, gel-like cuticle conditioner with the True Colour Cuticle Conditioner. The treatment features vitamin e and evening primrose seed extract to condition and hydrate while absorbing quickly with zero oily look or feel.

For colour, the True Colour Pro+ Nail Enamel offers a wide range of shades with an easy applying formula (2 easy coats) and a bunch of new shades. Of the new offerings I've worn Coral Reef (vivid orange leaning coral cream) Smokey Plum (mauve kissed taupe) and Night Violet (deep plum with a hidden golden shimmer/glow.)

All in all, some great updates and changes. I am still not a fan of the lipstick scent, but the upside is that it doesn't linger and the lipsticks are excellent otherwise. Do you have any Avon favourites? Interested in any of these?

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