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Thursday, April 13, 2017

This, That & Other Stuff vol. 11 | Charlotte Tilbury Edition

this that & other stuff charlotte tilbury edition
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It's been a minute since the last round of This, That & Other Stuff, but it's back and we're getting a little luxurious with a few Charlotte Tilbury offerings. Like what? How 'bouts a Beach Stick, K.I.S.S.I.N.G and Matte Revolution lipsticks, and Scent of a Dream eau de parfum. Interested? You know what to do...

charlotte tilbury beach stick moon beach (2)charlotte tilbury beach stick moon beach (3)charlotte tilbury beach stick moon beach (1)

In my experience, any product that claims to be for lips and cheeks shines in one area and not the other. The Beach Stick in Moon Beach... is just that. The stick is a gorgeous, luminous, peachy pink shade that has a creamy feel when first swiped on, but once blended out has a bit of a drier, silicone-y feel.  It turns out that feel comes from ceramidone, an ingredient that works like a "poly-filler to refill and plump up the skin, giving you a youthful, flawless skin surface" that prevents the cream products from sinking into skin (aka pores, fine lines, etc.)

The product seems quite pigmented until you begin to blend it out when it becomes a softer wash of colour. I initially liked the look of it on cheeks, but there is a lot of shimmer going on. Not super refined shimmer that gives you a little glow, but shimmer on the verge of looking like glitter. It looks okay at a distance, but a closer inspection is a bit too much for my liking. I know, it's not visible in my swatch, but it's there, lurking.

On lips the finish is sheer and on the verge of being patchy when worn alone. It feels kind of odd on lips as well (as it has a sort of cream to powder feel) but it does layer well over matte shades to give them a bit of a shimmer and metallic effect.

charlotte tilbury KISSING velvet underground (4)

charlotte tilbury KISSING velvet underground (2)

"Lipstick is happiness in a tube" - Charlotte Tilbury

What does shine on lips are Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks. Of the now three ranges, I have a shade from the K.I.S.S.I.N.G and Matte Revolution range. Both lipsticks come in the signature rose gold CT tube with it's retro deign and weighty feel. It does mean all of your lipsticks look the same, requiring an uncapping to find your desired shade, but the congruity it nice.

charlotte tilbury velvet underground and birkin brown (1)charlotte tilbury velvet underground and birkin brown (2)

charlotte tilbury KISSING velvet underground (1)

When I think Velvet Underground, I think of Nico and Warhol's banana. In terms of shade, I think something deep and bold with a rock & roll flair. That's not quite what you get with the K.I.S.S.I.N.G Velvet Underground, but it's not for the taint of heart. The shade is a bold, fuchsia pink with a creamy, easy wearing formula. It's almost hydrating and perfectly opaque.

charlotte tilbury KISSING velvet underground (3)

Let's get right to it... This isn't a matte lipstick. I don't know if I got an off tube, but my tube of Matte Revoloution in Birkin Brown is satin at best. It can be lightly blotted for a more soft-matte look, but straight from the tube there is some shine from the creamy feeling formula. The upside to the formula, is that it's super comfortable, wears easily, and looks pretty great (the settling wasn't visible in person.)

charlotte tilbury scent of a dream (1)charlotte tilbury scent of a dream (2)

"Darlings, I have created a one-of-a-kind ‘floral chypre' perfume harmony that IGNITES a mind-altering fleurotic frequency. Featuring a blend of JOY top notes including Lemon, Peach and Black Pepper, ‘FLEUROTIC’ heart notes of Jasmine, Frankincense, Tuberose and Violet, plus MAGIC MOLECULE base notes of Fire Tree, Iso E Super, Patchouli and Ambroxan. It attracts LOVE, LIGHT, POWER, POSITIVITY and SEX to the wearer!"- Charlotte Tilbury

I love a bit of perfume, and as very intrigued by the sound of Charlotte's take with Scent of a Dream. There is A LOT of information surrounding the scent. the bottle, etc. so I'm just going to chat about the actual scent, but if you're interested in more I recommend checking out the scent's web page (more like a mini site) here.

Lemon, Peach, Black Pepper, Saffron, Mandarin, and Bergamot
Tuberose, Jasmine, Frankinsense, Hedione, Violet, Muguet, Orange Flower, Rose Oil, Tea Rose, Green Ivy, and Magnolia
Fire Tree, ISO E Super, Patchuli, Ambroxan, Precious Woods, Cistus, Amber, Castoreum, and Musks

From first spritz, I did not think this scent was for me. It has a sharp citrus hit (hello, lemon, mandarin, and Bergamot) that to my nose, just too much. As the scent settles, it does turn around as the floral and green notes start to develop. At this point, I still couldn't decide how I felt about this scent but was very pleased the citrus explosion had calmed. As you reach the base notes, a warmth begins to develop as the scent also dissipates, reading closer to the skin. While my journey with this scent was a bit rocky, I kind of like it. I can't say love just yet, as I think I need to spend more time with it, but I do appreciate that it is a very long-lasting scent- I find myself still able to get little whiffs of it on the second day of wear.

Overall, some decent options from Charlotte Tilbury. You can't miss with the lipsticks, but I do recommend testing the Beach Sticks in person if you're interested- the shimmer will be a bit much for most. What do you think? Tried any of these products? Have a favourite from the brand?

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