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Monday, May 29, 2017

California Dreaming | OPI Summer 2017

OPI California Dreaming
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Happy Monday, blog fans! A happy Memorial Day to my American friends as well. We're talking nail polish today (yay!) with the summery OPI California Dreaming Collection. Inspired by the west coast, it features a palette of sunny oranges, vivid corals, pinks, and a few sun-washed shades perfect for the warmer months ahead.

Sweet Carmel Sunset is a bronzey-gold shimmer. I was expecting this to be brush stroke laden, but they were very minimal, making this a really pretty shade with an easy formula. Two coats.

Feeling Fresco is a soft, almost bleached nude. It will look great on almost all skin-tones, especially those with a tan. Two easy coats.

Barking Up the Wrong Sequoia is a soft peach with a slight nude undertone, The formula is a touch thick and lead to a patchier first coat, but it built easily with the second. Two coats.

Excuse Me, Big Sur! is a rosy-peach cream with a slightly muted feel. Another slightly thick formula, but pretty easily managed with two coats.

Time for a Nappa is a vivid peachy-coral cream. Corals aren't always my favourite, but the peachiness of this makes it so pretty. That said, it seems the white in this makes it a bit patchy ad I needed three coats for a fully even cover.

Santa Monica Beach Peach is a bold, warm, orange cream. It's punchy and perfect for summer pedicures. Easy formula. Two coats.

Me, Myselfie & I  is a warm coral cream. It does read quite similar to SMBP, but is in fact more coral than the bold orange of SMBP. Super pigmented and easy to apply. Two coats.

Malibu Pier Pressure  is a classic cotton candy pink cream. This shade has a thicker formula, that is easily disturbed with the brush causing dents and uneven spots if you're not careful. Two coats.

GPS I Love You is a fuchsia-type pink cream. Not the most unique, but a standard must have for summer. A super pigmented shade that is almost perfect with one coat. Almost. Two coats. 

This is Not Whine Country is a wine-kissed red with a crelly-like formula (aka cream + jelly.) An easy formula. Two coats.

To the Mouse House We Go is a Minnie (or Micky, your call) inspired red with a slight orange cast. The crelly-type formula does result in the slightest hint of visible nail line. Two coats.

Don't Take Yosemite for Granite is a deep, shimmery graphite grey. There are a few visible brush strokes, but nothing over the top. Two coats.

Overall, this is a nice collection, especially if you happen to love pinks and oranges. I don't think the average person will want every shade, as there are some that run pretty similar to each other. I am quite partial to Sweet Carmel Sunday, Feeling Fresco, Excuse Me Big, Sur! and Time For a Nappa. What do you think? See any shades you need?

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