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Monday, May 8, 2017

Long Live the Matte Lip | Rodial Suede Lips Intense Matte Lip Colour

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Glossy lips are making a (slight) comeback; a welcome change for dry lips, sure, but I don't think the trend will be welcomed wholeheartedly. The matte lip is just too appealing. I don't think matte products have to worry about their popularity, especially not with the Rodial Suede Lips Intense Lip Colour around. 

The Sude Lips Intense Lip Colour look like an unassuming pencil, in their sleek black exterior. They also seem a bit pricey... I mean, you want $30 and I have to sharpen you? Upon use though, things make more sense... These are spectacular! 
Available in four shades, these are creamy, richly pigmented pencils that boast an easy wearing matte finish. They feel feather light on lips, don't feel dry for their entire wear time (about 5-6 hours if not eating) and pretty damn good. They do have a bit of transfer on whatever you come in contact with, but are so easy wearing it's not an issue for me.

Of four shades I have Melrose Ave (classic nude), Big Apple (soft burgundy berry with a hint of subtle shimmer) and Rodeo Drive (rich orange red). Big Apple is an instant hit with me, as the my lips but better shade is just too perfect, but you really can't go wrong with any of these. What do you think? Are you still loving matte lips? Tried these or want to?

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