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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Makeup Makeover | The New Mark by Avon

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2017 seems to be a year of reinvention for Avon. First their True Colour range was made over, now Mark. The entire Mark range has had a makeover, with new packaging across the board with new and classic products in the mix. I've got a few of the the new pieces so let's get to them...

Part of the original Mark concept were the Hook Up products. Products that could be mixed and matched and connected in various ways to customize your makeup. The ways in which you can hook up products has changed a bit, but is still a part of the Mark experience by way of magnetized palettes. The shadow and blush palettes/compacts can be paired together back to back or side to side.

Of the Hook Up products, there are two new shadow palettes in the Eye Contact Hook Up Eyeshdow family. I received Smoke & Mirrors that features nine little pans of shadow in smokey and neutral shades. Now, I'm always a bit apprehensive when it comes to Avon/Mark shadows because you never know what you're going to get, but these shadows fare pretty well. They aren't perfect when swatched, but they apply pretty well on the eye.

The first three shades are a bit sheer, but all have a luminescent quality, so I'm thinking their texture was intended as so (for highlighting, I would say.) The middle three shades are your smoke shades, with deep tones and glitter. The glitter did have some fall out, but I appreciate that the glitter did transfer to the lid without needing to be applied on a damp brush. The bottom row of shadows brings in more neutral shades (variations of taupe) all with shimmery-satin textures.

I clearly had to go smokey with this palette, and used the Dusk Til Dawn liner in Blackout (more on that in a moment) as a base on the lower third of my lid topped with the first smokey shade (blackened plum with red shimmer.) I used the deep purple shade in the middle of the lid and blended out the upper area and under the brow with the soft, gilded lavender from the top row. I finished the bottom lash line with more Blackout liner and smudged the deep purple over it to soften and smoke it out.

The All Now Lip Treats are still part of the range, but their tubes have had a makeover. Gone is the ultra pretty holo and pink tube (these ones) in favour of a sleeker, graphic design. The shade range is still the same however, with classics like Bare All (nude). The creamy product feels like a balm with a super hydrating feel and the pigmentation of a lipstick. These are a great option for those with eternally dry lips.

If you ask me, the blushes might just be the most enticing of the made over products. Previously, the main range of Mark blushes were single pans that required a compact to house them. The new Cheek Magnet Hook Up Blush comes in it's own compact (with a nice sized mirror) that matches the shadow compact- they hook up, remember.

Of the seven shades currently in the range, I have Mauve Forward, a matte, dusty mavue-pink shade. I love a neutral toned blush, so this was an instant hit with me. While the formula feels a bit dry when swatched, it applies easily on cheeks for a natural flush.

The liners in the Mark range have been given a new name, but are incredible! The Dusk Til Dawn Waterproof Eyeliner boasts a deliciously smooth, pigmented formula that (true to its name) sets to a waterproof finish.  These make for excellent tight-liners, as they stay on the upper water line without transferring to the bottom, so long as you give them a moment to set before blinking.

The range currently has five shades, of which I have the classics (and most necessary in a makeup collection) Daybreak (deep brown) and Blackout (matte black).

Overall, I'm a fan of the new look and new products! I've been using Mark since the start (waaaay back when, literally as I was still in high school) so it's kind of interesting to see the brand evolve. I'm seriously loving the blush, I've been wearing it non stop. So, what do you think? Interested in any of these products?

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