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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Palette Play | Stila Matte 'N Metal Eyeshadow Palette

stila matte n metal palette (3)
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Happy not-quite-Monday, blog fans! The long weekend has me kind of out of sorts as to what day it is, but regardless, we're starting the week off right with a gorgeous little palette. The Stila Matte 'N Metal Eyeshadow Palette brings the textures we all love- matte and metal, obviously- in a range of pretty neutrals.

Housed in a soft gold hued, square compact, the Stila Matte 'N Metal Eyeshadow Palette features a metallic gold checkerboard pattern on the front. I'm not exactly sure how it ties in with the palette, but it's more about the insides anyway. On that note, there is a generously sized mirror, which would be handy for travel.

As for the shadows, the palette features 12 neutral themed shades divided into six matte and six 'metallics' (that will make sense momentarily).) The mattes make up the first two rows with the metallics following. I love the look of this palette as a whole, but if you look a little closer, you'll notice what's missing... Did you see it? There is no deep matte shade. You get three highlight/base shades and three mid-tone shades but nothing deeper. I need that depth and for that reason alone, this palette isn't a one and done for me. I'll need to add a deeper matte for most looks, which will require added shadows.

stila matte n metal palette swatches (2)

Shadow quality of the mattes... Pretty good! I did find the lightest shades to be a bit sheer, and need some building, but otherwise these have a pretty silky feel, aren't powdery, and blend very easily (without blending away.) You get a nice mix of warm and cooler shades that coordinate well with the metallic shades.

stila matte n metal palette swatches (1)

Okay, the 'metallics' aren't exactly what I was expecting. Two of the six are creamy, amazingly metallic, almost molten metal-type formulas (Sizzle and Flare) with Retro almost getting there. The others though.... More like shimmers and glitters. Although they are quite pretty, they're not what I expected, Smolder (charcoal glitter) was kind of a dud though, as it runs sheer and does result in a fair bit of glitter fall out. I found the bulk of these (save for the aforementioned Sizzle and Flare) apply best with a damp brush to really get them to look metallic and how they look when swatched.

stila matte n metal palette eye look

For the look above, I used Feathered as a base (over Bare Minerals Prime Time primer) with Velour through the crease. I used a damp brush to apply Sequin to the middle of the lid and lower lash line and then a pop of Bohemian on the inner corner. I added a bit of Smolder to the outer corner for depth and added a wing with Rodial Liquid Liner. I added Urban Decay Eldorado liner in the waterline (all the gold was necessary.)Everything is finished off with a bit of mascara and House of Lashes Boudoir lashes.

Overall, I like this palette, but it's not exactly perfect. I really would have liked a deeper matte shade and for the metallic shadows to actually be metallic. Stila has proven they can make ah-mazing metallic shadows, I'd just like all of these to have that gorgeous formula. What do you think? Do you need this palette in your collection or are you full-up on neutral palettes?

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