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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Loosely Based | Translucent Powder Roundup

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When I first started blogging, it seemed translucent powder wasn't a fan favourite. A lot of readers and beauty fans I spoke with favoured a powder with a bit of added coverage. Personally, I've always been more for lighter bases and found translucent was my more my jam. Plus, it bodes better with drier skin. Cake face need not apply. That said, with baking now a widespread 'thing' translucent is all the rage and more specifically loose versions. The question is, what makes a translucent loose powder great and do you need to shell-out for a higher-end formula?

Our low to high powder journey starts with Rimmel Match Perfection Silky Loose Powder in Transparent. Okay, nothing makes you feel extra pale than a shade named transparent... Anyway, the powder does have a bit of a tint when viewing it, which I like as it helps reduce that tell-tale powdery cast, but is truly translucent on skin. The texture is light, silky enough with talc being the main ingredient, and has the capabilities to reduce shine throughout the day on my dry-combination skin.

Best use: all over / under eyes to set concealer

Our second budget-friendly powder option comes in the form of Hard Candy Fast & Fabulous Translucent Loose Powder. The price point and fact that this is a silica powder make it seem like a great option, the thing is silica is second in the formula with corn starch as the star. I won't mince words, I don't love this one, at least not for my skin type. Its heavier feel can leave my drier skin looking dry (it definitely benefits from a dose of facial spray to cut it.) But, on hot and humid days where I am more prone to get shiny throughout the day this has more power to absorb oils and truly keep skin more matte.

Best use: oily skin / on areas prone to shine

Yes, the jump from low to high is fairly steep, but I've found there isn't much of a middle ground with loose powders. Arbonne Setting Pretty Translucent Loose Powder is priced at a more splurge-y level, but the formula backs it up- this is a very finely milled, silky feeling powder. Featuring titanium oxide it has some added sun protection (SPF 15) the silica based powder applies with a soft blurring effect and zero powdery cast. In fact, this powder has a soft luminescence that gives skin the sheerest hint of radiance. It gives skin a little extra je ne sais quoi.  Added bonus, the pot features the new-school mesh sifter which only allows a small amount of powder through. It makes application cleaner and as such less product is wasted.

Best use: all over / finishing

Rounding out the , um... roundup, Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Microfinishing Powder. The line between setting powder and finishing powder can be a bit murky, but the newest offering from the MUFE Ultra HD line makes it super clear. This is hands down the silkiest, most light weight, gorgeous powder I've ever brushed upon my face. It's straight up dreamy. It is the perfect finishing touch on makeup for longevity, but unlike a setting powder, doesn't give a flat matte finish. It has a sheer blurring and smoothing effect thanks to the silica/silicone formula that leaves a soft, natural matte finish without being drying. As much as I love this powder, it may prove to be too light for those with oilier skin.

Best use: all over / finishing

So, to answer my original question (you know, do you need to spend a lot on a powder) Yes and no. I know, not very concrete. You can definitely get by just fine with a budget option, but the quality of a higher end option is easily noticed. Meaning, if you've got a little extra to spend it's often worth it. What do you think? What do you look for in a powder; tried any of these?

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