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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Vichy Mineral 89 Fortifying & Hydrating Daily Skin Booster

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A fast & dirty post today. Well, I intended that, but I've already taken far longer than I expected too (a half hour may have been sent mulling over a possible ColourPop order...) So fast is out the window, point is, the Vichy Mineral 89 Fortifying & Hydrating Daily Skin Booster is one of those skincare products that doesn't need a whole lot of explaining. It does what it claims to, and does so exceptionally well.

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What happens when mineralizng thermal water and natural hyaluronic acid have a romantic evening together? Who really knows, but if all goes well you get Vichy Mineral 89 Fortifying & Hydrating Daily Skin Booster. The serum-like gel is a simple combo of aforementioned ingredients that works to hydrate skin, protect against aggressors (environmental, stress, fatigue, and etc) that can lead to dull skin, skin damage, and a weakened skin barrier.

The lightweight, easy absorbing serum feels like a glass of fresh water for skin as it's instantly refreshing and gives dry skin a major hydration boost with a more plump, brightened look mere days after first use. The hyaluronic acid (which holds up to 1000 x its weight) is doubly effective as it can boost the efficacy of anything you apply over this. Bonus! The formula is free of oil, silicone, paraben, fragrance, and alcohol making this a great option for just about every skintype.

Overall, I say get it! I love that this is such an easy addition to any (and every) skincare routine that (simply put) makes skin happy. I also love the bottle... The weighty glass bottle has a simple, but elegant blue ombre towards the bottom that is just so appealing. What do you think? tried this or wan to? Added any great products to your skincare routine lately?

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